December 19, 2014

Baby #2: Seven Month Update

Baby #2: Seven Months Currently... 

Feeling - Hiccups for the first time! I was just saying to Jon that Wren had the hiccups all the time, but I hadn't felt them with this baby yet, and then a few nights later, we were getting into bed and I felt them for the first time - like little rhythmic kicks, right in the middle of my belly. Jon got to feel them to so it was perfect timing. :) Also, extremely out of breath - all the time. I brought it up to my doctor because when I say extremely out of breath, I mean if I walk up five stairs, I feel like I just ran a marathon. My doc assured me it was normal and would only get worse as the baby grows. Hooray! (Not.)

Craving - Still milk. Between Wren and I (but mostly me), we drink a half gallon a day. I know I should try to cut back, but it's just so goooood. I did read online that it's common for women pregnant with girl babies to crave sweets and milk, so at least it's not just me, right?

Wearing - Maternity jeans + cords and stretchy maternity tops. My belly is big and round these days, and people are starting to comment on it. A stranger at Starbucks told me it was cute, and a lab tech at the doctor's office guessed that I was having a girl just by the shape of it, which I thought was really funny. 

Wondering - How this whole thing will go down this time around. Will my water break? Will I have contractions at home? Will I go into labor naturally? Will we induce again? What day will the baby be born? We know it will be sometime really close to Valentine's Day, but I'm hoping it's not actually on Valentine's Day. At first I thought that would be fun, but then I changed my mind. I'd rather this baby have a day all its own to be born on. 

Thinking - Of middle names still. All day every day. I think we might just draw one out of a hat when she's born. ;)

Doing - Doctor visits every two weeks now, which is crazy to me - I can't believe it's already that time. Also, making notes in my calendar about when to pack my hospital bag, when to buy the last of the baby items, etc.

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November 22, 2014

Baby #2: Six Month Update

Baby #2: Six Months

Feeling - A really crazy baby jumping, punching and rolling around in my belly all day and all night. I seriously don't know when this kid sleeps. She keeps me company all day long, and every time I wake up in the night (for my many bathroom trips), she's wide awake and practicing her gymnastics. She better learn to get some shut eye - staying up 24-7 is NOT going to work when she's on the outside! 

Craving - Milk. And that's pretty much it. I'm not having too many crazy cravings at this point. But I could seriously drink a gallon of milk a day if I let myself.

Wearing - Leggings! I outgrew my Gap maternity jeans and have been living in two different pairs of black leggings and some maternity cords I got when I was pregnant with Wren. I recently bought two new pairs of maternity jeans - one from Old Navy and one from Destination Maternity. I'm hoping they'll get me through to the end. I've done a lot more maternity clothes shopping this time around. I told Jon that means we need to have another baby after this one so I can get my wear out of them. ;)

Wondering - If I should give breastfeeding a try this time around. I did not breastfeed Wren, and I was/am completely happy with that decision. I did go back and forth a lot before I decided, though and I think that's where I'm at again - in the back and forth. 

Thinking - Of middle names - all. the. time. We finally decided on baby girl's first name (don't even ask - we're keeping it a secret until she's born) - now we just need to agree on a middle name to go with it. It's harder than you think! I've actually been saying 'well, I guess she doesn't HAVE to have a middle name.' That's how hard it is for us to decide.

Doing - A whole lot of non-baby stuff. I've already washed and folded tons of tiny clothes, gotten out all of Wren's old toys, rearranged our bedroom to make room for the baby to sleep, made detailed lists of everything we'll need to buy before she gets here and took inventory of what of Wren's we can use again (bouncer, car seat) and what we need to buy (double stroller, swing), so I'm in a really good place. Every month, I buy a few things off of our must-buy list and in January, I will pack my hospital bag. Eeek!

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October 13, 2014

Baby #2: Five Month Update

Baby #2: Five Months Currently..

Feeling - Sick with a cold! I've had a terrible cold for going on three weeks now, and it's the worst. The first week I felt like I was right back in that horrible first month of pregnancy. I'm much better now than I was, but I still have a horrible cough that will not leave me alone and I keep getting really gnarly sinus headaches that basically knock me out for entire days at a time. But aside from the cold, pregnancy-wise I'm feeling great. I can feel the baby moving around all day long, which is the funnest feeling ever - so all is good in that department.

Craving - Cereal - bowls and bowls and bowls of it. I would eat cereal for every meal if I could, but since I don't think that's ok, I compensate by eating two bowls every morning for breakfast. (One for me, and one for the babe, right?)

Wearing - Still living in my maternity tees from Old Navy and maternity jeans from Gap. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I do want to grab a couple new long sweaters that I can wear with leggings.

Wondering - If this baby will be as easy as Wren was. What Wren will think of having a baby around. How in the world I'm going to manage with two kids. What the new baby will look like. If I'll remember all the newborn stuff. How in the world a newborn baby can possibly be small enough to fit in newborn size onesies. And so much more...

Thinking - It's INSANE that we only have four months until this baby gets here. Months go by really fast these days - that means it's going to be here before we know it. It blows my MIND!

Doing - Taking inventory of everything we have from when Wren was a baby and making lists of things I want to buy. So far on the list - an Ergo baby carrier (I see this baby getting worn A LOT more than Wren was) and a Puj baby bathtub (I didn't love the infant tub we had for Wren and have heard great things about the Puj tub). 

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September 19, 2014

Baby #2: Four Month Update

Baby #2: Four Months 

Feeling - MUCH BETTER! (Thank goodness!) The yuckiness that I dealt with in the first trimester finally made it's way out around week 15 or so, and now I am happy to say that I feel GREAT. I can eat anything and not get sick, I have tons of energy and my moods are more stable (even though I do still cry at every single baby/mother/parenting related thing that I see). If you want to know the nitty gritty, though - I am starting to be short of breath a lot and my feet cramp up at the slightest point of the toe. Not fun, but I'll take those things over feeling sick to my stomach all day long any day!

Craving - Sweets, Rootbeer, MILK, Cereal. All of my food aversions are gone now so I'm back to eating veggies (when I'm not eating cookies), and I'm actually toying with the idea of trying a Whole30 or No Sugar challenge in the coming months. What do you think - am I crazy?

Wearing - Maternity jeans and tees. I learned the joys of maternity clothes late in my pregnancy with Wren, but I am taking full advantage this time around. I got myself some super comfy maternity jeans from Gap and a handful of maternity tees from Old Navy and they are perfect for this in-between summer and fall weather we have going on.

Wondering - What gender this baby in my belly is!! (We find out tomorrow - I am DYING to know.) I'm leaning toward boy just because this pregnancy has been different from the first (in that I felt much, much worse) + the heart rate was in the 130-140 range at our last appointment and Wren's was always around 150. We will see very soon!! (Hopefully - if he/she cooperates.)

Thinking - Of names - always thinking of names. At night before I fall asleep, I run through name combos in my head. Once we know the gender, we'll start narrowing in on some. We already have some favorites, so I don't think it'll take us long to decide this time around (but we're still keeping it a secret until the birth).

Doing - Some major nesting. We've lived in our apartment for a year now, but there were still some rooms unfinished. That has changed in the last month or two! I've been like a tornado, ordering/painting/moving/hanging/redecorating rooms and getting everything just so.

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September 14, 2014

Wren Winter: 22 Months Old

Wren: 22 Months Wren: 22 Months Wren: 22 Months  Wren: 22 Months
Wren is such a character these days. Twenty two months is definitely a hilarious (if challenging at times) age. I wanted to write a quick update with a few fun facts about this crazy lady to help us remember how much fun she was at this age.


The cats - she loves to tell Cajun and Whiskey good morning every morning and runs to give them hugs when we come back to the apartment after being gone for the day. She also loves to hold the cats on her lap like a baby. She crawls up on the couch, sits with her legs straight out and pats her lap - that's how you know she wants to hold a cat.

Dogs - even though we don't have dogs, she loves when we see dogs out and about or on TV. She barks like a dog when you ask her what a dog says (but it sounds more like a monster growling).

Fruit - she is still a great little eater and loves any and all kinds of fruit - bananas, strawberries, oranges, peaches, blueberries - you name it, she loves it.

Climbing - she is a total monkey and loves to climb on anything and everything - the couches, dining room chairs, beds, the rocking chair in her room (she's a pro at rocking, too). A lot of times she can get herself up into or onto something, but can't get down. Then she sits there and says "Help, Help, Help" until someone comes and helps her down.

Magazines - she has recently taken an interest in magazines. We get random magazines in the mail, and she gets really excited. She sits on the couch and flips through them for hours - and it looks like she's really looking at everything!

Books - she loves books, even though she hardly sits still to listen to an entire book from start to finish. Sometimes she will read a book to us - which is my favorite. Flipping pages and baby babble make for a great story time.

Being chased - she loves to be chased. She screams at the top of her lungs and laughs until she gets the hiccups. It's the cutest.

Helping - she loves to help me with household chores like filling up the cats' food bowl in the morning, mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, etc. It takes her about 5x longer to fill up the cats' food bowl than it takes me, but I let her do it every time because she loves it so. :)

Music - This girl LOVES music. Anytime she hears music, she immediately looks up with surprise and joy and gets down on the floor so she can move. Then she starts swaying, throws her hands in the air and jumps from place to place on her tippy toes. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. It's like she really feels the music in her bones. I love it.


We switched Wren's crib to a toddler bed a month or so ago, and she has done really great with the transition. She does sleep less overall hours than she used to - I think because she knows she can get up and play with her toys as soon as she's awake so she doesn't try to fall back asleep - but we haven't had any trouble with her getting out of the bed when she should be going to bed. She wakes up around 7am now (she used to sleep until 9am most days), and we can hear her bumping around in her room, playing with toys. Sometimes she knocks on the door, letting us know she's ready to come out. (We have doorknob locks on the doors, so she can't get out on her own.)


Even though she's not a big talker just yet, she does have a few words that she knows really well, and she sounds so cute when she says them, including - Bye Bye, Hi, Hey, Shoes, Cheese, Eye, Help, Book, Milk, Bath. (Still no momma or daddy - I guess cheese is more important than that.) Although her words may be few, she understands EVERYTHING and we are always amazed when we ask her to do something, just being silly, and she really does it. (Hey Wren, can you go into the bathroom and get some tissue to blow your nose? - and she does!)


Hugs & Kisses - this little girl is a serious love bug right now. She gives the best hugs and kisses. Sometimes she will climb up on the couch, squish herself real close by my side, look up at me and say "Hey." Then she'll throw her arms around my neck and huuuuug me with all her might. She's a pro at eskimo kisses and loves to stare deep into your eyes for minutes at a time while your noses touch.

Sassiness - She has definitely started showing signs of extreme sassiness lately. She now knows she doesn't HAVE to come in the apartment when we get to the door, she can run back down the hallway or stand stubbornly across the hall and refuse to move. She now knows she doesn't HAVE to lay still for a diaper change OR a clothes change, she can wiggle and wiggle and try to run away, giggling the whole time. (We've also had to deal with a few throw-yourself-on-the-ground-cry-and-kick-your-legs tantrums lately - not the best part of parenting, for sure.)

Overall, she's such a sweet, caring, loving little girl. She's curious and loves people. She waves at strangers and reaches out to touch them when they walk by. She says "Bye Bye" to everyone when she leaves them, even the cats. She has her sassy moods, but for the most part, she is cheerful and easy going, independent, social, easily adaptable to new situations, places and people, and she's the perfect little side kick to do life with.

I know I've said it about every stage, but 22 months is my favorite. I love seeing her unique personality come through, and I love that we can feel her love so strongly these days because she can show us herself. I'm so glad I get a front row seat to watch her grow into the person she's meant to be. :)

August 24, 2014

Baby #2: Three Month Update

Baby #2: Three Months
For those of you who have not heard yet, Jon, Wren and I are so excited to be welcoming another member into our family this coming February! Even though I had been taking a blogging break, I decided to pick things back up at least once a month to share monthly updates on this new little babe growing in my belly.

First things first, this pregnancy has been A LOT harder than my first one. I pretty much felt like death from the day I found out at 4 weeks until 13 weeks. That's 9 straight weeks - 63 straight days - of feeling terrible, and it was really, really hard. Without Jon, Wren and I probably wouldn't have eaten or bathed during those 9 weeks, not to mention we would've been drowning in a sea of dirty laundry and dishes. I am so thankful for all of the extra work he put in during that time - I literally could not have survived without him.

Even though there was a lot of nausea involved, for me it's always less about the morning sickness and more about a very, very upset stomach all day and night. I also had really bad dizzy spells this time around - like 'I need to lay down right now and not move even though we're in the grocery store' type of dizzy spells. I also had to strike the perfect balance between constantly keeping food in my stomach but not too much food. Too much or too little and it was bad. Just right and it was tolerable. This led to a few funny situations - like the one where I realized I had left my car keys on the grocery store counter when I got to my car, but I was starving and feeling sick and needed to eat right then so with Wren in the basket, standing by our car, I ripped open a pack of cookies and started stuffing my face - only to turn around and see the bag boy bringing me my car keys. (I should also mention we were in our pajamas - we didn't get out of our pajamas much during those 9 weeks.) Definitely not one of my best moments. ;)

And more on the food topic, we had been eating a very healthy diet up until I found out I was pregnant. We were actually right in the middle of our second round of Whole30. I tried my best to keep it up, but a week after I found out, all I wanted was bread - so I gave in and pretty much lived on honey toast and boiled eggs for a month. Once I was able to eat a wider variety of foods, I found that all I wanted was sugar, sugar and more sugar. Every bad habit I had worked so hard to break on Whole30 came right on back. The kicker? Sugary foods made me feel terrible. Chocolate made me feel like I might die. I ate it anyway, because when I was eating it, it was wonderful. (And because pregnant women are crazy, apparently.)

I am happy to say that now - at almost 15 weeks - I am feeling much, much better. I still get random stomach aches. I still feel best when I eat healthy foods. I'm still not in love with the idea of vegetables. But I am able to eat more balanced meals, shower on a regular basis and do the laundry/dishes. Thank goodness!

I am going to a new doctor this time since we are now in Virginia instead of Kentucky, and my new doctor didn't want to see me until 12 weeks. That was a little weird for me, because 12 weeks is the start of the second trimester. It seemed like I was pregnant forever until I actually had a doctor's appointment. We told our parents, brothers/sisters and a few close friends when we first found out, but we waited until after our first doctor's appointment (when we got to hear that fast little heartbeat) to let everyone else in on the secret.

We had our first trimester ultrasound at 13 weeks, and everything looked great. Baby kicked its legs and wiggled a bit and we got our first photo of him/her. We are definitely going to find out the gender - most likely at our next ultrasound - and we are SO excited. I would be over the moon for another girl (sisters!!) and Jon is dying for a boy. Either way, we hope he/she is healthy and happy and as excited to meet us as we are to meet him/her.

Stay tuned for monthly updates on this new little bean. Also, feel free to check out the weekly updates I did with Wren here, and the first update I did here.)