October 23, 2018

Wes Wild: A Birth Story

Naming our Wes Wild

Wes Wild Klock
Below are a few words about the inspiration behind our little Wes Wild's name if you'd like to know how we chose it -




Wes Wild Klock
Born September 28, 2018 at 11:12 am
7lbs 3oz, 17 3/4 inches long

Wes Wild Klock joined our family on his due date AND on Jon and I's wedding anniversary - 9/28/18. He came into the world with the sweetest disposition, and we are so excited to get to know him and watch him grow. 💙

Baby #3: Nine Month Update

9 Months
Five months already! Below is a little update on how I'm feeling, what I'm wearing, etc! 

Wearing: Maternity jeans that I cut off into shorts (so much more comfy than maternity pants and way cuter than normal maternity shorts). I'm not really loving my maternity clothes but also trying not to buy too much new stuff because this is our last babe. :)
Eating: Pretty much like I always do - no real cravings except lately I've been all about watermelon. This pregnancy is really weird because I don't crave sweets and I'm also not super hungry. I've only gained 8 pounds so far and I should be around 12-20 pounds. My doc says it's fine as long as baby and uterus are still growing, which they are.
Feeling: Really good. I'm in the pregnancy stage where it doesn't even feel like you're pregnant, except for the fact that I have to pee every two hours at night. I can feel the baby move now - little pokes and kick throughout the day - which is so fun!
Loving: Feeling the baby move - it really is my favorite thing about this stage! Also, my body pillow is a close second.
Worried About: A little worried about having a newborn right as Jon goes off to Korea, but I know it'll be fine. Also, a little worried about how a boy will fit into our family - it's going to be so different!
Excited About: Have a newborn again! I can't wait to hold him and snuggle him and hear him laugh and make him smile and find out what his personality is like! 

September 14, 2018

Baby #3: Eight Month Update

8 Months
Eight months, and here we are! We took this pic in Ruidoso, NM on a morning when I tried to make a 1/2 mile walk up a slight hill in high altitude and got so tired and out of breath that Jon had to go get the car to pick me up - haha!!

Wearing: Dresses (although I feel like a giant elephant) and 1 pair of shorts that still fits. All the shirts I wear to sleep in are too small and show the bottom of my belly, which Jon calls my "belly smile." :) 

Eating: A lot! Still craving snocone ice like crazy. Also craving milk, but it hurts my stomach, so I've started drinking Lactaid which sounds gross but is actually delicious! 

Feeling: Very itchy and very heavy (my belly). Braxton Hicks contractions started this month and they are so uncomfortable. I can feel them coming on and my belly gets as hard as a rock, and I have to sit up really straight and breathe through it. I'm also having leg cramps at night - they wake me up from a dead sleep - which is terrible! Baby moves like crazy all the time, but especially at night when Jon and I are watching TV on the couch - he just kicks and rolls around! 

Loving: Writing the baby's name on things - so fun! Soaking up these last few weeks with the girls and our family of four. Being done with our to-do list and having nothing on the agenda but having fun (and taking naps). 

Worried About: To induce or not to induce. I' want to induce, but I'd like to wait until the 28th to induce (which is 40 weeks and my due date) but that means I may go into labor on my own before that, which freaks me out! 

Excited About: Dressing a tiny baby in tiny baby clothes. Seeing what the girls think of the baby. That first night home from the hospital, when everything is new and crazy and amazing. Slowing down, drawing in, spending time with my little family as the seasons change. :)

August 28, 2018

Baby #3: Seven Month Update

7 Months
Seven months - It feels both like I've been pregnant forever AND like I can't believe seven months is here! Below is a little update on how I'm feeling, what I'm wearing, etc! 

Wearing: So many dresses! Shorts are getting really uncomfortable (won't stay up on my belly anymore), so dresses it is!
Eating: So much food - first breakfast, second breakfast, morning snack, lunch - you get the gist! ;) Also, a new favorite snack is "snocone ice" made in our blender - I cannot get enough!

Feeling: Not so great. The baby moves all day, and I love it - but it also hurts sometimes. At night, I wake up with belly pain and I have to stand up and get the baby to change positions. I'm also super out of breath all the time, feel a lot of fatigue in my limbs when walking and just generally feel very, very tired. Even with all of this, I am still enjoying being pregnant and will miss this big belly when it's gone!

Loving: Saying the baby's name in my head - I can't wait to tell everyone what it is! Also loving that none of my shirts cover my belly so the bottom hangs out and Jon and the girls call it my "belly smile."

Worried About: Starting to have little fears about labor and delivery. REALLY hoping this time around is just as amazing as my last one was! Right now, we're planning to induce on my due date - 9/28 - which is also me and Jon's 6 year wedding anniversary.
Excited About: Snuggling a baby this fall! I want to snuggle up in leggings and sweaters in a cozy house with a new little baby. I can't think of a better time to be off on maternity leave than Oct - Dec!