February 3, 2019

Wes Wild: 4 Months Old

Wes 4 Months
Little brother! You are four months old now! That seems so old, and you are growing like a weed! You celebrated your first New Year's Eve and New Year's Day during your fourth month. You also outgrew your 0-3 month clothes, and I broke out the 3-6 month clothes, even though they are still a tad bit too big on you.

You started daycare this month, and the transition went pretty good except that you've pretty much been sick ever since your first week. You are happy when you are there and you nap good and you seem to be fine with being there. But being around all those kiddos with all their germs has done a number on your immune system. You caught a cold after your first week, which then turned out to be the flu and double ear infections! You got a terrible cough that sounded like a barking seal and made me very nervous. Then once I thought you were getting better, you started running a fever, which thankfully only lasted a couple days. Then Wren got sick and you got sick AGAIN - sneezing and coughing all day.

I really hope you will get over all of it soon! The good news is that it doesn't seem to phase you. You continue to be the happiest baby on the block! Smiling and laughing, kicking your legs and sucking your hands all day long!

This month you definitely found your hands and realized you love to eat them. You're also getting better at grabbing toys and bringing them to your mouth. You get REALLY excited when we show you a toy and immediately bring your arms together in the middle to try to grab it.

You've gotten a lot better at tummy time this month, mostly because they do it with you multiple times a day at daycare, which I am thankful for. We've been putting you in your Bumbo seat for short periods of time and you do like that, until you get too tired of holding your big head up. :)

At your four month check up, you weren't able to get your four month shots because you had just been running a fever. The doctor still does not feel good about the shape of your head, so they are recommending we put you in a helmet when you turn 5 months. I ordered some head shaping pillows to use for this month to see if we can get some improvement. Also, your doctor wants us to get your eyes checked out. He thinks one of them turns in toward your nose, which might mean you need baby glasses. :( We will see what the specialist says.

You started sleeping for longer chunks of time during your fourth month - 5-6 hours at a time! Except when you were sick, then you went back to waking up every 2 hours, which was not fun. Our nightly routine is for me to put the girls to bed at 8pm. Then I put you in the bath, which you love, and I pour water all over you and show you your bath book and you smile and kick your legs and wiggle your body until you're almost falling off your bath seat. Then I get you all lotioned up and in a clean onesie, zip you into your swaddle and feed you one last bottle. You usually fall alseep during your bottle and I can transfer you to your Rock 'N Play, but sometimes you are awake after your bottle. When that happens, I'll put you in your bouncer and bounce you until you fall asleep. Usually I'll watch TV or work on my computer while I bounce you, and you just stare at my face the whole time and when I look over at you, a slow sweet smile spreads across your face and it is my favorite thing EVER!

You are the happiest baby I've ever known, and I am just so happy that you are ours. You are such a fun addition to our family, and I can't imagine our lives without you in it!

Wes Wild: 3 Months Old

Wes 3 Months
Wes Wild! Happy 3 months old! Your third month was a fun one because you got to celebrate your first Christmas with your aunt, uncle, Didi and Pops! Everyone came to El Paso for Christmas and we all had fun celebrating together. Even though you weren't too interested in them, you did get a few gifts for your first Christmas. You got a Bumbo seat with a tray for your toys, you got a cool toy car with a surfboard on top and you got a super soft blanket to snuggle with in your car seat.

On Christmas Eve, we all wore ugly Christmas sweaters, and you even had one! It was tiny and had the Grinch on it. You looked super cute!

I was still on maternity leave during your third month, so we did a lot of snuggling while your sisters were at school. I wrapped a lot of Christmas presents while you watched me from your bouncy chair.

You learned how to grab things this month, starting with your burp rag. If it was on your lap, you would grab it and bring it up to snuggle by your face.

You also let out your first real laugh this month, and it is the best sound ever - super squeaky! You continue to be so smiley and happy all the time. The only time you really get upset is when you are hungry or when you're sleepy and want someone to cozy you up for sleep.

We love you so much! So happy you are part of our family, Wes!

Wes Wild: 2 Months Old

Wes 2 Months
Little Wes, I love this photo of you so much! Your little face just looked like it was made out of clay! Like I could mold it with my hands! :)

Your second month continued to be just as sweet as your first. We dressed you up as Batman for your first Halloween, but it turned out to be a super cold, rainy night so you couldn't go trick or treating with your sisters. You went out for a sec, and then headed back home with your dad to hand out candy.

The biggest milestone for our family during your second month happened on Nov 8 when your dad deployed to Korea. He was so sad to leave you. He'll be back when you are 9 months old this summer. It was really hard for me to adjust to not having him there to help with you, and the first couple weeks he was gone were hard, but I'm happy to say that we got in a good groove eventually and all is good now.

At the end of your second month, we took a road trip to the other side of Texas to spend Thanksgiving with your Dengler side of the family. You got to meet your Didi and Pops, Aunt Brianne and Uncle Andy and all your other extended family! Your pops flew to El Paso to make the drive with us. We thought it would be an easy trip because you loved your carseat and slept in it really well, but it turned out to be pretty stressful. You would wake up ready to eat and sometimes there was no where to stop and you would just cry and get so upset that you would have these terrible coughing fits. Then once we got to Houston, we hit some horrible traffic and you were so upset and it was all just bad. But we made it to Beaumont and had a great week with family and friends, and I'm thankful for those memories. I think we'll just hold on another major road trip for a while. ;)

You transitioned from sleeping on your Boppy pillow to sleeping in your Rock 'n Play during your second month, but you continued waking up every 3 hours at night to eat. By this time, I was used to it and operating pretty well on 5-6 hours of sleep a night. I realized this month that you didn't sleep as good when your arms were tucked down by your sides, so I found a swaddle that lets you keep your arms up by your face and you started sleeping much better with that.

During your second month, you started having some scary reflux issues. You would sometimes vomit after eating and then choke on the vomit. It was terrifying to watch. You would vomit, then I would immediately have to suck your mouth out with a bulb syringe so that you could breath. The scariest part was when it happened at night. At your two month check up, I told the doctor about it and they sent us to a specialist to do a barium test. You had to lay on this xray table and drink barium (a thick white liquid) out of a bottle while they took xrays. The test showed that you did have pretty bad reflux. I did some research and learned that ready to feed formula worked better for babies with reflux than powder formula so we switched to that and you stopped vomiting immediately. One day, I only had powder formula with me so I fed it to you and you vomited twice after that. That's when I knew for sure that the powder formula was not working, so I stopped feeding it to you. Since that day, we've only used ready to feed formula and you haven't vomited since!

Also at your two month check up, your doctor referred you to a specialist to get your flat head checked out, so we did and you were diagnosed with Torticollis just like your sister, Elle, had. So we started head positioning and stretching exercises with you to work your neck muscles and even out your head.

But aside from all that not so fun stuff, my favorite thing about your second month was when you started smiling! And you have the sweetest smile that just lights up your face. I took a photo of you every time you smiled and sent it to your dad so he could see the cuteness.

We love you so much, Wes Wild, and are having a blast watching you grow!

Wes Wild: 1 Month Old

Wes 1 Month
Oh, Wes! Our first month with you was so snuggly, so cuddly, and sooooo sleepy. I forgot how tiring it is to have a newborn! The first few weeks, you mostly slept and ate. Your dad and I took turns holding you allllll day and night long. We really didn't put you down much! You were born with just the sweetest disposition. I could tell that you were calm and so loving, and that has 100% continued to be true.

I feel like I called the doctor a lot more with you during those first few weeks than I did with your sisters. I didn't know anything about healing a circumcision so we called a couple times for that, and we also called about you looking a little yellow in the eyes one day. Everything turned out perfectly fine, but I felt like I was acting like a brand new mom! You definitely brought some new things into our life!

During your first month, you slept best either being held or on your Boppy lounger. You liked to sleep at an incline, not flat on your back, even though we tried that. You woke up every 2-3 hours to eat, all day and all night, and your dad and I took turns feeding you. Even though those middle of the night feedings were so tiring, they were also so sweet. I tried to soak in that feeling of snuggling you in the night when the rest of the world was asleep.

You were our first baby that didn't HAVE to be swaddled to sleep. Sometimes when you just couldn't settle, we would swaddle you and you would calm down, but you didn't have crazy arms (again - you were so calm!) and you could easily fall asleep without being swaddled. You were also our first baby that really liked the pacifier and used it for longer than your sisters did.

Before you were born, everyone warned us that we would get peed on a lot, and that did happen a few times (and was always such a surprise!), but thankfully not as often as people warned. By the end of your first month, we were able to get through diaper changes without any accidents, which was good!

Your very first outing was to your 1 week doctor's appointment. Then after that, we did quite a few things during your first month. We took you to the zoo twice, the pumpkin patch another day and Chalk the Block in downtown El Paso. We also took new family photos during your first month - you slept through the whole thing. And your Grandma and Grandpa Klock and Uncle Seth came to meet you right at the end of your first month, which was super fun.

We just love you so much, Wes Wild, and look forward to watching you grow!

October 23, 2018

Wes Wild: A Birth Story

Naming our Wes Wild

Wes Wild Klock
Below are a few words about the inspiration behind our little Wes Wild's name if you'd like to know how we chose it -

Wes: Jon's middle name is Wesley and we've always loved that name, but all of our kids have one syllable first names, so we decided to shorten it to Wes. I love that Wes is named after his dad - how special is that?! I also just love, love the name Wes and it seems to fit him so well so far! 

Wild: When choosing a middle name, we wanted a nature inspired name that started with the same letter as his first name. Since we knew we were leaning toward the name Wes, we started looking for nature inspired words that started with "W." When we landed on Wild, we loved the way the two names sounded together! 

Wes was our easiest baby to name. We started out with a list of names but right from the start, we loved Wes Wild. We thought about playing with the spelling of Wild, but ended up keeping it simple. I'm so glad we did!