January 18, 2015

Baby #2: Eight Month Update

Baby #2: Eight Months Currently... 

Feeling - Contractions! Last night was my first time experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. I am always quick to assume anything weird going on in my belly is due to the baby's movements. When I went into the hospital to be induced for Wren, I found out I had been having contractions for days, but I thought it was just her doing some serious stretching out every once in a while. Now that I know what contractions feel like, I've been on the look out for them this time around, and last night I for sure had a bunch. I was laying on my side in bed and they would come low and tight around the bottom of my belly every five minutes or so. I got kind of freaked out at first, but they never increased in frequency or severity and lessened when I switched to a different position - so false labor, it is! (But it's still pretty exciting!)

I'm also feeling really terrible pelvic ligament pain that makes it painful to walk or get up from a sitting or laying position. Warm baths help, but I can't stay in the bathtub all day. :/

I'm still feeling extremely short of breath, extra tired and HUGE. My belly is really big and really tight and sometimes the baby's movements hurt because she's so big in there these days (our last ultrasound showed her at 5 lbs 15 oz).

Aside from physical feelings, emotionally I'm feeling excited, ready and in disbelief at the same time. I can't wait to have her here, but I also can't believe we're about to have two - TWO - kids. How in the world did that happen?? It's going to be so strange at first!

Craving - Nothing really. I almost feel like I'm eating less these days. There just isn't too much room in my belly for food.

Wearing - Leggings and four maternity shirts that still fit. This is the weird time where you don't want to shop for anything new because you only have a few weeks left, but only a few shirts fit - so you wear the same thing everyday, right?

Wondering - When it all will happen. At my 37 week appointment, we are going to schedule an induction during the 39th week, because I'm a planner and planning makes me feel less stressed out. However, I fully do not believe she will wait until then to join us. So I'm constantly making plan B's, plan C's and plan D's in my head. It's exhausting - but exciting, too.

Thinking - TWO?! How will it be with two??!!

Doing - Last minute to-dos like washing blankets, packing my hospital bag, making my birthing play list and tightening the screws on the rocking chair.

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December 30, 2014

2015 Goals

2015 Goals
I love a new year and a new reason to start fresh with new goals. Below are a few of the things I'll be working on this year, and I'm pretty excited to get started!

Be brave
This one is huge for me and the biggest goal I've set for myself this year. Over the past few months, I've wholeheartedly come to believe the truth in the saying 'she who is brave is free.' I've been put in situations recently that have forced me to become more direct in my communication, more confident in my ideas, and more sure of myself as an adult, a professional, a mother and a friend. Doing these things scared the heck out of me and forced me to grow in a huge way (sounds dramatic, but it's true). I want more of this in my life in 2015. I want to confront difficult situations without fear. I want to believe in myself and be confident in my convictions (at 33 years old, there's no reason why I shouldn't be). I want to say what I mean and mean what I say. I want to be brave and in turn, be free - from limitations, from judgement, from fear. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this one takes me.

Family dinners
Jon and I have a bad habit of eating dinner in front of the TV catching up on our favorite shows. This is something we've wanted to change for a while, but just haven't had the motivation. Growing up, my family always ate dinner together at the table, and I think it's a great habit to have, especially as Wren (and our family) grows. Jon and I are both excited to commit to this one, but we know it's going to take some serious dedication.

Spend less
I am constantly on a mission to simplify - my closet, my house, my life. I want to spend less money in 2015. I want to be happy with less. I want to feel content knowing that I already have everything I need. I want to put the money I would usually spend on clothes or coffee toward saving for travel or fun experiences or our future.

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I have a huge stack of books on the dresser in my bedroom, and I really, really want to read them. This will mean less TV, less Pinterest and less Instagram, but I think I can do it if I make it into a daily habit.

So there it is - all that I wish to accomplish in the coming year. I plan to check in on these every few months to see how I'm doing. Jon and I are also tracking our smaller goals using Elise's "progress, not perfection" trackers which should make our progress (or lack thereof) easy to spot.

Wish me luck! :)

December 26, 2014


It's a Girl! It's a Girl!
When Jon and I first found out we were having another baby, my first thought was - oh, please let it be a girl! ;) Growing up with a sister who is now my absolute best friend in the world, I couldn't help but hope Wren would be lucky enough to have the same. The day we went to the gender reveal ultrasound, I had pretty much talked myself into thinking it was a boy, so when the tech said it was a girl, I was so, so excited!

I know that all sisters don't get along as well as my sister and I do, and I know that even my sister and I didn't get along all the time when we were little, but I so hope that these two girlies grow up to be the very best of friends. I hope they make each other laugh (especially at the jokes that no one else gets). I hope they stick up for each other, compliment each other and build each other up. I hope they draw strength and courage from each other, inspire each other and go on great adventures together.

Thanks to my awesome pregnancy hormones and general tendency to worry, I have moments of fear and sadness when I think about bringing another baby into our family. I feel sad that our time with just Wren is coming to an end. I worry that Wren will feel left out with the new baby, and I always want her to know how much we love her. But every time these thoughts creep in, I put my mind at ease by thinking about the crazy love I have for my own sister. I know there will most likely be a period of adjustment when the baby comes, but I also know that I am giving Wren the best gift I could ever give her - a best friend and partner in crime - a sister! :)

December 21, 2014

Wren Winter: 25 Months Old

Wren Winter: 25 Months Old Wren Winter: 25 Months Old Wren Winter: 25 Months Old Wren Winter: 25 Months Old
Wren has such a big personality right now at 25 months old. I know I just did a 22 month update, but she has learned so much in the three months since then, I felt like I needed to do another one! Every day she learns more words, does something completely hilarious, and reveals a little bit more of her sassy and sweet personality. There are so many things I don't want to forget about this stage, like these little gems below:

She has started saying yes and no to everything, but she says yes like "Yep" or "Uh huh" and no like "No-ah" with this very sassy tone. It is hilarious and cracks me up every time. I know I shouldn't laugh when I'm telling her it's time to get out of the bathtub and she's saying "No-ah, No-ah!" over and over again, but I can't help it. (And then I picture her saying it the exact same way when she's 15 and I'm asking her to clean her room and somehow I don't think it'll be as funny then.)

She has started saying a lot more words and pairing words together to make phrases. Some of my favorites (in addition to "no-ah") are: "Dada wuck" (Daddy's at work), Momma (it took her FOREVER to say this so I love it every time), "When" (Wren), "Ro Ro" (Rowan), "cat foo" (cat food), "mulk" (milk), "bubba" (bubbles), "cuh" (color), "go" (here you go), "uh oh" (anytime something bad happens), "no no" (usually said to the cats when they are bad along with a pointed finger), "choo choo" (train), "toot toot" (the sound an owl makes), "shuga" (sugar), "booga" (booger), "chee chob" (good job), and "tee too" (thank you).

When she sees something that is really, really cool or pretty or amazing, she says "Oooh Wow, Oooh Wow, Oooh Wow!" over and over again and it's the best. Things she thinks are worthy of an "Oooh Wow!" moment include the paper plate Christmas tree she made at school, the cereal I eat in the morning and colorful rolls of washi tape. ;)

She calls herself "you" when she sees pictures of herself, but it sounds more like "eewwww!"

She is still incredibly sweet and will pucker her lips for kisses, wiggle her nose against yours for Eskimo kisses and open her arms wide for hugs. Sometimes it catches you completely off guard, which makes it even better. The other night, I was giving her a bath and being really silly and she was cracking up and then suddenly she was puckering for a kiss, and it caught me so off guard that I almost cried from the sweetness.

She is learning to count and knows that 2 comes after 1, but then she wants to jump to five and eight - those are her favorites. She knows she is 2 years old, and will tell you she's two if you ask her, but she can't show you just two fingers. Instead, she holds out her hand with all of her fingers spread far apart and says "two." Then asks for help to hold two fingers up and the others down.

When she hears Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," she immediately jumps up and shakes her booty - meaning hands on the sides of her butt and moving her hips from side to side. It's the cutest thing ever! Her favorite music is not pop, though - it's indie folk music (think Mumford and Sons type music) - and she wants it on all the time. She asks to dance the minute she wakes up and any moment of the day when music is not on.

After her bath every night, when I get her out of the tub and wrap her in her towel, she snuggles up on my lap inside her towel so that I can't see her at all - just a big towel bundle on my lap - and she stays there for a while until she's warm enough to come out and get into her pjs.

Now that we've started potty training, we let her sleep with her door open so she can come tell us when she needs to go to the bathroom. This means her wake up time has gotten earlier. She's up every morning at 6:30am like clockwork now. Jon and I will probably regret this, but we've been taking her to the bathroom and then letting her get into bed with us for a little snuggling until we're ready to get up for the day. She usually does not fall back asleep, but she does lay in the bed very quietly and rubs our faces or gives us kisses every once in a while. Again, her sweetness kills me.

She has recently taken an interest in one of the baby dolls that she has. It has clothes that come off, so she loves to undress and dress it (with our help every time since she can't do it on her own). She loves to put her diapers and underwear on it, too. And she has started setting it places, like in her high chair or on the couch, and bringing it books or crayons to play with. I caught her setting it up at the table in her high chair and moving her mouth like she was talking to it but with no sound coming out, and I almost died.

This age is definitely one of my favorites. She is just so new everyday - I don't ever want to forget any of it! :)

Wren Turns TWO!

Wren Turns Two Wren Turns Two Wren Turns Two Wren Turns Two Wren Turns Two Wren Turns Two
I wanted to share a few photos from Wren's 2nd birthday. My parents flew in from Texas for the occasion and Jon's mom drove down from Northern Virginia to join the party. We had a tiny little celebration with grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit skewers and Krispy Kreme sprinkled donuts. Wren's gift from all of us was a play kitchen with plenty of play food, appliances and accessories. She was in HEAVEN with her new kitchen and still plays with it everyday - over a month later!

(Photos from Wren's 1st birthday are here - I can't believe she's grown so much!)

December 19, 2014

Baby #2: Seven Month Update

Baby #2: Seven Months Currently... 

Feeling - Hiccups for the first time! I was just saying to Jon that Wren had the hiccups all the time, but I hadn't felt them with this baby yet, and then a few nights later, we were getting into bed and I felt them for the first time - like little rhythmic kicks, right in the middle of my belly. Jon got to feel them to so it was perfect timing. :) Also, extremely out of breath - all the time. I brought it up to my doctor because when I say extremely out of breath, I mean if I walk up five stairs, I feel like I just ran a marathon. My doc assured me it was normal and would only get worse as the baby grows. Hooray! (Not.)

Craving - Still milk. Between Wren and I (but mostly me), we drink a half gallon a day. I know I should try to cut back, but it's just so goooood. I did read online that it's common for women pregnant with girl babies to crave sweets and milk, so at least it's not just me, right?

Wearing - Maternity jeans + cords and stretchy maternity tops. My belly is big and round these days, and people are starting to comment on it. A stranger at Starbucks told me it was cute, and a lab tech at the doctor's office guessed that I was having a girl just by the shape of it, which I thought was really funny. 

Wondering - How this whole thing will go down this time around. Will my water break? Will I have contractions at home? Will I go into labor naturally? Will we induce again? What day will the baby be born? We know it will be sometime really close to Valentine's Day, but I'm hoping it's not actually on Valentine's Day. At first I thought that would be fun, but then I changed my mind. I'd rather this baby have a day all its own to be born on. 

Thinking - Of middle names still. All day every day. I think we might just draw one out of a hat when she's born. ;)

Doing - Doctor visits every two weeks now, which is crazy to me - I can't believe it's already that time. Also, making notes in my calendar about when to pack my hospital bag, when to buy the last of the baby items, etc.

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