March 28, 2008

A grande "are you kidding me?"

I was walking by some coworkers today on my way back to my desk from the printer when I heard the weirdest question. One woman was saying to another woman that the yogurt parfait at Starbucks is really great and she gets it every morning. To this, the other woman replied, “Where is there a Starbucks?”

It was all I could do not to stop dead in my tracks and stare at her like she had just grown antlers. Who doesn’t know where a Starbucks is? They’re on just about every corner, within walking distance from just about every house or apartment and inside all the major office buildings and supermarkets.

Now, I’m not saying I’m a Starbucks regular or anything. In fact, I really only get Starbucks on Fridays (aka Starbucks Fridays) and on the weekends, but I could still tell you where the closest twelve Starbucks are to my office and my apartment. Heck, I could probably name every Starbucks in El Segundo, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach combined.

To me, asking “Where is there a Starbucks?” is like asking “What country do we live in?” or “What’s a hamburger taste like?” or “Who is George Clooney?”

I mean, seriously, how can you be an American over the age of 12 and not know these things??

Up until today, I thought it was pretty safe to assume that every single person working in my office new that the two closest Starbucks were the one on the corner of Rosecrans and Isis and the one on the corner of Rosecrans and Douglas, both of which are equally as close. Personally, I prefer the one on Rosecrans and Isis because going to this one on my way to work only requires right turns so I don’t have to sit through any red lights. But that’s just me. I suppose some might prefer the one on Rosecrans and Douglas because it’s right next door to a bagel place.

But this isn't my point. My point is simply that you should know where a Starbucks is. And if you don’t, you should find out. Today.

Happy Friday.


breakfast in canada said...

I actually find comfort in knowing the capitalism/marketing/exploitation/machine/monster that is Starbucks (or any other chain) hasn't penetrated (yes, that is a phallic reference) every facet of our lives or brainwashed every person in the world. It has happened to me, but I’m happy to know it hasn’t happened to everyone.

alisha said...

i couldnt tell you the location of one single starbucks.

And, I am over 12! :)

Happy Sunday!

Joe Demers said...

Yeah, I probably know at least 30 Starbucks locations. And I go to the one on Isis and Rosecrans when ever I'm in the area.