April 12, 2008

Inside looking out

I wrote this last night at a Starbucks while I was waiting on my Friday night to get started. I thought I’d post it today just for fun.

The warm day is fading into a warm night, and I find myself sitting at a small birch table sipping a latte and watching the world busily rush by outside the glass windows. Couples walk hand in hand, shooting each other sideways smiles and renting movies, preparing to snuggle on couches and whisper sweet nothings. Young boys bound by, gearing up for sleepovers that will surely drive their parents crazy. Women hurry along in groups, trying to make their 8:00 dinner reservations. It’s a night away from their husbands, and the smiles on their faces say they are in need of some serious girl talk.

The light turns green, and the sign says walk. Strollers are pushed, heels start their tap-tapping. I can imagine the air smells like perfume and anticipation. It’s Friday. The weekend has finally arrived, and it feels like it’s going to be a good one.

As I gather my things and head out into the night in search of a slice of pizza, I become one of the people I was watching. I look back at the warm glowing insides of the coffee shop and wonder what the people inside are thinking about me.

Part of me hopes they’ve got me pegged as someone completely different, but another part of me hopes they’ve gotten it right. Because right now, on this sidewalk, with the sweet smell of spring all around me, I’m pretty happy just being me.

In my life.

On my Friday night.

And that feels really good.


EmLA08 said...

You should be thrilled about just being you, because YOU are amazing. Sorry, I missed you gals yesterday. I'm back at work already. Have a good Sunday!

breakfast in canada said...

Beautiful reflections...