April 25, 2008

Wait a minute, Mr. Postman

I’m never quite sure how I get to the places I end up most of the time. I start reading one blog, which leads to another blog, which leads to a comment, which leads to a profile, which leads to another blog. Long story short, I stumbled upon a very cool blog the other day and a very cool idea: homemade postcards.

The blog post I stumbled upon was an old one from last January when the blogger was involved in a postcard swap of homemade postcards, but it’s the pictures of the homemade postcards that amazed me and got my creative juices flowing. (Read the inspiring post here.) No sooner had I read the post than I was making a list of all the things I needed to make my very own fantastically creative homemade postcards.

Once I got all my supplies spread out on my coffeetable, there was no holding back. Three hours and 10 gluey fingers later, I had my very own homemade postcards. They’re not nearly as pretty as the ones I saw on the blog, but they were oh so fun to make, and I figure practice makes perfect, which means there are plenty more homemade postcards in my future! So, if I have your address, start checking your mailbox for a homemade hello from California! And if I don’t have your address and you want me to send you one, leave it in a comment or email me!

Have a great weekend everyone!


yx said...

You are too fun Charisse! Always doing fun things!

Anonymous said...

970 Bunker Hill #201, Houston, TX 77024

::checking my mail today...::