May 22, 2008

Texas bound

Some of you may remember a post not too long ago about my family’s lake house and how my parents sold it and bought a different one. Well, I’m happy to say that tomorrow I’m flying home to Texas to spend Memorial Day weekend at the lake! It will be a little sad to be in a different camp, but I’m pretty sure it’ll still be a blast.

I wanted to give you all a taste of what the lake is like so I decided to make a list of my favorite things about it:

Getting to stop on the way and eat at Casa Ole (the best Mexican restaurant EVER!). Riding the four wheelers through the woods. Grilled hot dogs. Seeing family and friends I haven’t seen in forever. Taking walks because there’s nothing else to do. Wearing flip flops for three days straight. Days that seem to last for years. Late night stories and jokes that make me laugh until my stomach hurts. Waving at everyone, whether you know them or not. Raiding my grandparents’ camp for treats. The annual Memorial Day festivities (golf cart parade, cake walk, raffle, fishing tournament). Breakfast on the porch every morning. Smores around the fire every night. Cruising around on the golf cart and visiting with everyone. Snowcones! Barbeque beef sandwiches with everyone on Saturday. Riding the jet skis, tubing and skiing. Floating in the lake and working on my tan. The crawfish and shrimp boil we’re having on Sunday. The annual Memorial Day dance!

I promise to post pictures of everything on my list when I get back on Tuesday so you can see them all! Until then, have yourselves a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

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yx said...

It all sounds so "Wonder Years" or "The Sandlot" but I like it. A lot better than ghetto birds. Have fun!