July 14, 2008

Feeling funky

I’m in a funk today. I’m in one of those moods where all you really want to do is cry and feel sorry for yourself, even though you’re not exactly sure why. And as I sit here, trapped in my cube, and thus trapped in my funk, I keep thinking about all of the things that would surely get me out of this funk if only I could do them, things like:

Running as fast as I can out of this cube and down the sidewalk into the sun.
Eating a fist-full of peanut M&Ms and not counting one, single calorie.
Drinking a giant glass of frosty milk with ice.
Getting a 60-minute back massage.
Curling up on my couch and watching reality TV all day.
Going on a no-limit shopping spree.
Laying on the beach for hours and hours and hours.
Taking a long, hot shower and crying it all out.

What sort of things get you out of your funks?


yx said...

1. Happy hour!

2. A romantic dinner.

3. Shoe shopping!

4. Laying out at the beach or pool-side.

5. Girl talk!

Anonymous said...

everything that you already said! (i'm really liking the fistful of m&m's idea!)

here's some more ideas:
-a pina colada by a vegas hotel pool
-an unexpected, geniune compliment
-caffeine (ie: redbull, sbux, homemade coffee..)
-a good, hardcore workout to an super upbeat playlist
-making love to a thug in a club. (jk.)