August 12, 2008

My favorite

With my birthday just around the corner (TOMORROW!), I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back over my 26th year and remember some of my favorite parts. (Yes, I’ll admit it’s a tiny bit reminiscent of a MySpace survey, but I promise I won’t make you repost it and I won’t include a question about my last kiss and what it meant to me.)

Favorite part of my 26th year:
Moving into my beautiful apartment in Santa Monica

Favorite vacation of my 26th year:
My Vegas Thanksgiving

Favorite food of my 26th year:

Favorite movie of my 26th year:

Favorite TV show of my 26th year:
American Idol

Favorite restaurant of my 26th year:
Big Wang’s

Favorite book read during my 26th year:
Honeymoon with my Brother

Favorite gift given to me during my 26th year:
My Aldo purse

Favorite item purchased during my 26th year:
My cowboy boots

Favorite new tradition started during my 26th year:
Sunday Night Dinners

Favorite hotel stayed in during my 26th year:
The Parker Palm Springs

Favorite new hobby of my 26th year:

Favorite concert of my 26th year:
Alan Jackson at Go Fest

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