September 16, 2008

The same old song and dance

Every year, it’s the same thing. The end of August approaches, the days start to get shorter, and I cry and wail and throw myself onto the sun-drenched sand in protest, begging September not to take away my sweet, sweet summer with such a passion you’d think I was at least a little bit serious.

But all it takes is one crisp, cloudy day, one warm cotton sweater, one whiff of steaming hot chocolate and I’m packing up my sandals and running off to buy pumpkin spice candles.

Just call me Fickle Franny, would you?


yx said...

i want to be on my own. with out without him. then i can curl with a warm blanket up on my big comfy suede couch sipping on some tea. then tomorrow i'll gasp at how much i'd have to pay and then i'm just fine where i am.

Anonymous said...

oh how i am excited about fall too! the pumpkin spice lattes, thick, warm scarves and cozy tunes...