December 11, 2008

Very important things

I’m having a bit of a problem concentrating today, which is not good seeing as how I have some very important things that really should get done today.

Maybe it’s because I just downloaded the most fantastic mix CD and all I want to do is drive around and sing. Maybe it’s because everyone I know in Texas is playing in the snow and I really want to play, too (see photo above). Maybe it’s because I just read this and it made me start thinking about checking things off my list. Heck, maybe it’s just because it’s Thursday. (After all, I do get to go to a party on a boat this weekend.)

All good reasons to be distracted, I suppose.

But sadly, not good enough for the people expecting all those very important things…

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to be warm and cozy in that house very soon for christmas!!!