April 21, 2009

Heat Wave

Last night was warmer than most, thanks to the heat wave that rolled in a couple days ago. Triple degree temps in the valleys, upper 80s at the beaches.

Brianne and I decided to take advantage of it with dinner outside. She put on shorts, and I fought the urge to grab a jacket out of sheer habit. We walked down to 3rd Street and decided on pizza and beer. The ceiling fans whirred above our heads, and we feasted on sundried tomatoes and feta cheese. When we made it back to the apartment, the heat kept us up and restless until late, eating Easter candy, sipping cold milk and talking about the coming weekend.

I think it'll be one of those nights I remember for a long time - one of the ones that makes me smile.

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Mr. Kale Iverson said...

heat wave up here in alaska too! we almost reached 40 today! i was walking around in my shorts and t-shirt all day. man so warm!

(i'm not even joking)