April 14, 2009

Number 9

Can be checked off the list.

It was a small game night. Only four of us. But others were there in spirit (including Jesus and President Obama).

Popcorn and beer. Whiskey and coke. Apples to Apples. And questions like, "If Charisse were a piece of produce, what would she be?" I chose a passion fruit. Others chose a mushroom. Not sure if I'll ever understand that choice.

All in all, very fun, and since we got new games for Easter, a night that will definitely have to be repeated.


alisha said...

Sounds like alot of fun. I just played that same game with some friends a couple of Saturday nights ago. Only difference was that we had huge batches of margaritas instead of beers. What I wouldnt do for a beer!

Hey...my friend and I are planning a road trip this summer through LA and then up the California coast. Any tips for us? Will you be in town on May 30/31? I'd love to meet up with you and do lunch or something!

alisha said...

We are planning to start our trip in Hollywood and do the basic tourist thing, then head up the coast on the Pacific coast highway for a road trip. our final destination is the redwood park in Northern cali, but other than that, we dont have any set cities that we're staying in. We are just going to drive when we want and stop when we see something interesting...when we get to Redwood park we'll turn around and drive home through the interior of the state.

We would like to check out a dance club somewhere near hollywood since we'll be in town on a saturday night. can you suggest something? Something that us regular folk can get into without needing our name on a list. We would like to find something that is within reasonable distance to a hotel so that we dont have to worry about driving.

Maybe we could chat by email, mine is

teach for tomorrow at hot mail dot com

Susan Iverson said...

Sounds like a night in Pullman!