June 24, 2009


It may be sunny outside, but in my head, it's all rain and fog and vampires.

After watching Twilight a few weeks ago, I decided I had to read the books, and now, 10 chapters in, let me just say, I'm obsessed - and I don't mean that lightly.

I am seriously not sure if I've ever read a more romantic book in all my 27 years of life. If you haven't read the books, go - now - read. If you have, I'm sure you know what I mean.

When I'm not daydreaming about the "devastating smiles" and "wicked grins" Meyers so perfectly describes, it's easy to laugh at how silly it is to become totally enthralled by fictional characters that never were and never will be real - but as soon as I start to laugh, I always remind myself just how rarely something comes along in life that completely encompasses you, excites you, lights you up from the inside (and in this particular case, turns you into a giggling, blushing 14-year-old), and I dive right back in.

I found this quote in the book and loved it - thought you might, too:

"If there is in this world, a well-attested account, it is that of vampires. Nothing is lacking: official reports, affidavits of well-known people, of surgeons, of priests, of magistrates; the judicial proof is most complete. And still, with all of that, who is there who believes in vampires?" - Rousseau


Anonymous said...

i believe in vampires! and i love edward! best. books. ever.


Tish said...

I completely understand the obsession. I remember when my daughter Brianna finished the series she asked me what she was supposed to do now. lol. THEN as soon as I was done with Breaking Dawn I felt that same feeling. As for my daughter...she just keeps reading them over and over.