July 13, 2009

Number 25

Can be checked off the list.

Ok, ok, so it wasn't dinner, but it was a late lunch, and it's going to have to count. Mason was driving up from San Diego so we decided to meet halfway in Laguna. We walked on the beach, ate shrimp and chips outside in the sun, treated ourselves to frappuccinos and finished the day off with a little window shopping. All in all, it was a very nice Sunday.

Check back tomorrow to find out what other fun thing I crossed off my list this weekend!

1 comment:

alisha said...

That water looks nice. I'd love to spend some time at a beach this summer. My Cali trip ended up being cancelled and I was bummed.

Anyway....nice progress on your birthday list. NOt long until you'll be writing a new list, eh? It has been fun to try and get things on my list done. Thanks again for the great idea!