October 5, 2009

3 Years

It's hard to believe it's been three years since I met my favorite Pacific Northwestern farm boy. To celebrate, we went camping, and it was grand - complete with blueberry pancakes, carne asada tacos, grilled catfish, midday napping, fishing and smore making.

Sitting around the campfire on Saturday night, he was talking about what might've been if he'd majored in International Business instead of Advertising. I told him he'd probably be sitting in some cafe in France with a beautiful French woman sipping cappaccinos and eating baquettes.

He said he'd much rather be sitting around a fire with me, sipping whiskey and cokes and listening to football on the AM radio.

It made me smile and reminded me just how perfect we are for each other.


CZYX said...

funny. as you blog about your 3 years, i blog about the end of 5 1/2.

Anonymous said...

Yes i would.