December 30, 2009

Year In Quotes

As is my tradition, below is a little food for thought that I've collected over the past year. I hope you enjoy these nuggets as much as I did.

"I would like to be a famous singer so when I accept awards, I can say 'Go Cougs!'" - Mason A.

"Don't you ever wish there was a 'Control F' for life?" - Brianne D.

"I think I'm in like with you." - Jon F.

"Work will swell to fill the time you give it." - Shoshana R.

"You always catch me with my clothes on inside out." - Brianne D.

"Starting your own traditions is both the sad and sweet part of getting older." - Gwen (at Habit)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lately i've been wishing there is also a "control x" for life. haha!