March 22, 2010

Have a Seat

One request Mason made when we were planning our reception was that we designate our seats so that we're sure to have the best seats in the house (err, barn). I thought this was a great idea, and my wheels starting turning as I remembered all the cute Bride/Groom signage I had seen on the web.

This weekend, I got busy with the paisley yellow tape I bought last week, some nice, thick white paper and a few stencils. I used the tape to make a border around the paper, trimming it along the edges so that it was a little wavy and not straight across. Then, I used a black marker to stencil the words in the middle (have I mentioned I had forgotten how FUN stencils are??). Next I used a sharp knife to cut slits in the sides of the paper and ran the ribbon through the backside. The signs will now hang on the back of our chairs, tied with white satin ribbons.

Below is the finished product:

I must say, it was fun to work on a "small" project that I could easily complete in an hour or so, compared to slowly chipping away at the bigger projects.

What do you think?

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Baby Copty said...

Precious! Love it!