September 2, 2010

Henleys For Me

It appears I'm no longer just coveting grey and white stripes for my bedroom - I'm also loving it for my fall wardrobe. You may have noticed my grey and white striped henley in this post (and there it is above). I got it at Old Navy during a recent lazy-Sunday-afternoon walk down the Third Street Promenade. There were so many colors that I thought I'd never decide, but grey and white prevailed, and I must say:

It's soft. And comfy. And just the right length. And did I mention soft? And comfy?

In fact, I love this shirt so much I'm thinking of returning this weekend for a few more in different colors (like that pale pink or classic grey). I have a feeling me and this shirt are going to be seeing A LOT of each other in the coming months.

You like it, too? Get it here - and enjoy!

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