September 23, 2010

Officially Fall


How much do you love this wedding photo (by Sloan Photographers via Style Me Pretty)? Lately I've got fall (and fall football) on my mind, so I think this shot is fantastic.

In other news, I'm pretty sure the changing seasons are making my emotions a little wonky (I literally cried my way through Kendra Wilkinson's entire True Hollywood Story last night - and Hugh Hefner is not normally one to make me tear up). In the past, the cooler, crisper fall weather has made me excited, but this year it seems to be making me more reflective and a tad bit melancholy.

Cheryl over at Conscious Transitions recently did a post titled "Some things have to die in order for other things to live," and that sentence has been thumping around in my head ever since I read it. It's so true when thinking about everything from actual changing seasons to changing seasons of life.

If you're not familiar with Cheryl, she does a lot of work helping women prepare for the transition to marriage, and her book and blog have been great sources of advice for me along the way.

I'm sure I'll be back to my excited-for-boots-and-scarves-and-hot-cocoa self in no time, but for now, it's sort of nice to experience this quieter, calmer side of Fall.

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