October 18, 2010

Doing & Not Doing

2010-10-18 012
2010-10-18 011

This weekend was a good one - with the perfect balance of doing and not doing. Friday night was date night, complete with dinner (at our favorite Santa Monica sushi spot) and dancing (to Wayne Toups in our kitchen). Jitterbugging really is easiest in your socks, and boy did we get down.

Saturday was dedicated to Halloween costumes. After a little searching, we decided to dress up as a pair of soldiers (because military is so in for the fall). Next weekend we're planning to hit up a local Army Surplus store for all the accessories. Canteens and helmets and dog tags, oh my!

Sunday found me glued to the Sister Wives marathon on TLC. I'm a big fan of Big Love on HBO, and Sister Wives is like the real-life version. I got so into it. In fact, I only tore myself away because Mason was begging to watch something (anything!) else.

All in all, another great weekend in the books. Now to tackle the week with all it's rain. Wishing you a happy (and dry) Monday!

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