October 29, 2010

Stripes & More Stripes

Stripes from Forever 21

Wow. What a crazy day it's been. I'm so looking forward to a weekend of Halloween fun. And speaking of fun, how fun are those striped ladies above (both from the thrifty Forever 21 for under $30)? I'm always a fan of stripes, but I tend to go overboard in the fall and winter. Striped sweaters and dresses are just too hard to resist.

Three quick things before I jump into wine-and-cheese-Friday-night mode:

1. I just discovered this little blog and it has some of the prettiest pictures you ever did see. This post is so, so romantic (as so many of them are), and if you read it while listening to this, you just might cry a little...like I did.

2. Check out the crisp and cozy fall photos on Habit today. The leaves are a turning...

3. I'm very excited to have my Fall Leaf Garland featured in One Pretty Thing's Daily DIY Roundup today. Check it out here!

Wishing each of you a Happy Halloweekend filled with lots of treats, minus the tricks!

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Silver Strands said...

I love stripes so so so much.

Great post!