November 10, 2010

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving Banner

Our entryway got a little Thanksgiving make-over this past weekend. I took the black and orange painted pumpkins out, hung a fall wreath and added a "Give Thanks" banner. Now it makes me smile every time I walk in and reminds me of all the sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce waiting for me in three short weeks.

The banner was super easy to make. I used one of the giant paper pads from JoAnn's (I so love those things) and cut squares and triangles out. I used colored construction paper to draw and cut out the letters, then glued them onto the squares. Next, I punched holes in the corners of all the squares and triangles and strung them together with jute.

Voila! Instant Thanksgiving-ness.


Brianne said...

i love it! i think we should make a rule for thanksgiving day -- everytime you walk by the "give thanks" banner you have to say something you're thankful for. what do you think??


Charisse said...

Haha! Oh yes, I knew you would suggest something like that!

Anonymous said...

We all give thanks for Brianne!