December 21, 2010

Holiday Fun

Holiday Fun 2010

A few fun, festive photos (say that three times fast) from our weekend above. Mason's company holiday party was a lot of fun - but I chickened out of the leather pants. (Sorry!) I ended up going with a grey sweater and black skirt combo. (Boring? Perhaps. Company party appropriate? Absolutely.)

And in other holiday news, this week in LA is rainnnnyy. And humid. And really, really gross. I'm counting the hours until we leave for Texas on Thursday night. Taking the red eye the night before Christmas Eve? Probably not the best idea I've had. But we're packing our patience - and a couple good books - and praying for an on-time flight...

If your Christmas holidays have already begun, have an eggnog for me!

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natasha said...

It's no surprise that I love your shirt in this pic, because I think I love all of your tops! :)