December 6, 2010

Ugly Sweater Party 2010

2010 Ugly Sweater Party
2010 Ugly Sweater Party

Photos above from this weekend's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. The party was fun. The next morning? Not so much. (Most likely due to the festive red and green Jello shots - when will I learn to stay away?)

The key take away: Ugly Christmas sweaters are lovely little conversation starters if you're looking to pick up a special man or lady friend out on the town. I can't vouch for this myself (being a married lady), but according to our single friends, the sweaters work like a charm (even without the Jello shots). Who would've thought...

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alisha said...

Love the ugly sweaters with the polaroids. perfect!

BTW...i put that book list from fb up on my blog so you could see it and maybe use it :)