January 28, 2011

Striped Pullovers & More

Striped Pullovers
American Eagle, JCrew

I have 4 things to say on this Friday afternoon:

#1. I need one of these striped pullovers - badly. Either one will do - I'm not picky.

#2. I also need a nap - really badly - because 5 hours of sleep a night is not enough for this girl.

#3. I've decided to spend all of Sunday in bed - reading, watching movies, sleeping - and it's so exciting to me that it almost wakes me up a little bit. (Almost.)

#4. As if Fridays weren't good enough already, this girl's Friday Freebies make them even better. Seriously.

Ok, that's the 4. My brain can't handle more than that. Happy weekend to ya!

1 comment:

Kale Iverson said...

i totally live in one of these...