January 14, 2011

V-Day Tees

V-Day Tees
1. Urban Outfitters, 2. Delia's, 3. Emerson Made, 4. Delia's, 5. Delia's, 6. Forever 21, 7. Delia's, 8. Forever 21

Do you know what's exactly 1 month away from today?? Valentine's Day!

It's one of my favorite days - always has been - and this year it'll be extra special since it marks the 1-year anniversary of our engagment. (Awwwww!) So, I'm thinking I need a fun new lovey-dovey shirt to celebrate the occasion. I like all of these above. What do you think? Have a favorite? I'd love to hear.

(And happy weekend! Have yourself a great one - you deserve it.)

1 comment:

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Ah! I love them all!

I like Valentine's Day, although this year, I'll be the size of a whale being 9 months pregnant.

I think I'll ask for a pedicure and chocolate ;)

Happy weekend to you xx