January 18, 2011

Wine, Cheese & Fondue

Wine, Cheese, Fondue Night
Wine, Cheese, Fondue Night

Wine/Cheese/Fondue night has become a Charisse/Brianne tradition over the past couple of years. Sometimes we throw in meats and olives and pickles - sometimes it's strictly cheese and crackers. One time we did a cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue (and most likely gained about 5 pounds). This weekend we threw in a little bit of everything. My favorite is the pound cake dipped in chocolate. Yummmmmmm.

(And before you go thinking I'm totally lame, I do actually have a cute little fondue pot - I promise. But when it's just you and your sis and you neeeed some chocolate right that second, the pot you melted everything in works just fine.)

P.S. - My very favorite (and very easy) chocolate fondue recipe

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Ramsey said...

Oh my! Fondue is one of my most favorite things ever! We did fondue for boyfriend's birthday this year and we usually hit up melting pot for min! I will definitely have to be planning a fondue night super soon!