April 11, 2011

LC Style

Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

Lauren Conrad's line for Kohl's is right up my springtime alley. And the fact that I just realized there's a Kohl's a few blocks from my house? Icing on the cake, people, icing on the cake.

Check out the full collection here.

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picky girl said...

I really like her line. I bought a couple of her things this past fall. It's so feminine but comfortable at the same time. Ok, time to shop!

natasha said...

where is that kohl's!!?

Charisse said...

Natasha - I misspoke! Haha! Didn't realize it until you asked me. The Kohl's is a couple blocks from my work - not my house. (In Marina Del Rey) But I did recently remember there's a Ross on Wilshire pretty close to my apartment which I'm excited about! Sorry to get your hopes up!!

natasha said...

I'm willing to drive out to Marina Del Ray for Kohl's :)