June 29, 2011

Paris + Germany

Paris + Germany

Yes, I'm a day late (and a few dollars short), but here they are: Our BIG vacation plans!

Paris, France + Herrenberg, Germany

The idea for the trip began when we got a Save the Date card from our very good friends Dominik and Soni who are getting married in Germany (where they live - which is a true shame because we don't get to see them nearly enough - boooooo).

As soon as Mason laid eyes on that little piece of mail, he started using his very best persuasion techniques to convince me to go. I'm pretty sure he figured this was his best chance to ever get me to Europe. (I've never been. Because I'm super scared of long plane rides. But I do so love Dom and Soni. And he knows it.)

So I put my fears aside and said YES! to Germany, and then I did some convincing of my own and worked it out so that we can make a little detour to Paris right when our marriage turns one year old. (Seriously, how romantic is a one-year wedding anniversary in Paris? I'm dying at the thought of it.)

And so there you have it - France + Germany - for 12 days. I have absolutely no idea what to expect, but I'm hoping it blows all of my non-expectations out of the water!


29 Skirts said...

This sounds AMAZING!! There is seriously nothing I want more than to be able to travel. You will have so much fun!

picky girl said...

You will love it. So so much. People told me before my first ever trip to Italy (first plane ride, too) that it would change my life, which I thought was so cheesy. But it's also so true.

This sort of travel opens you up in ways you never knew existed. And also, you will get the travel bug. I've been back to Italy twice more, to London, Paris,and Prague.

Enjoy your trip. Every minute of it.