July 11, 2011

Weekend Photo Love: 7/9

7/9/11 Weekend
7/9/11 Weekend
7/9/11 Weekend

Highlights from the weekend:

*Pina coladas and enchiladas at the end of the pier (I forget how fun it is to pretend I'm a tourist.)
*Angels vs. Mariners game at Angel's Stadium (Sunshine + hot dogs + cotton candy = perfection.)
*Midnight in Paris (Mason out-laughed the entire theater. I'm pretty sure it's his new favorite movie.)
*Sunday's episode of True Blood (Amnesia, fairy godmothers, werewolves - It's like a bad soap opera, and I'm addicted.)

And now the countdown begins - 2 days until Paris - and 1 million things to do...

Wish me luck!

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