September 19, 2011

Weekend Photo Love: 9/17

9/17/11 Weekend
9/17/11 Weekend
9/17/11 Weekend

Our weekend in San Diego was a good one. (I so love that city!) Even though the Cougs lost, we still had fun hanging out in the Gaslamp Quarter. On Saturday night after the game, we went out for steaks at The Gaslamp Strip Club (clever, huh?) - a restaurant where you grill your own steaks. It was super fun, and I have to say, our steak was pretty amazing - even if we were the ones grilling it!

On Sunday morning after we checked out of our hotel, we went out for brunch and a long walk through downtown. (Mason's not much for walking with no destination in mind, but I'm working on him.) Once we got back to Santa Monica, we were super tired, so we got cozy on the couch with Cajun for naps and a Storage Wars marathon (our new favorite show). All in all, a great weekend!

And in case you're wondering, my Friday night shopping spree was pretty much a-mazing! I take back everything I ever said about not wanting fall to be here yet. Bring on the cold weather - I've got cute sweaters to wear!

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Dom said...

I so understand and feel with Mason about no-destination-let's just walk-walks.