October 21, 2011

Week in Pictures

I have no idea where this week has gone - all I know is it was Sunday night and now it's Friday afternoon. (Craziness!) Mason and I are hopping on a plane in a few hours and heading to Seattle for a weekend of Cougar football fun with old friends. I'm excited to chill out for a couple days (and soak up some real fall weather), but before I go, below are a few photos from last weekend since I never got around to the Weekend Photo Love post. There was more fall shopping, new JA-esque apartment decor, a baby shower and some cozy-on-the-couch family time. (Don't worry - that's not real poop - it's the infamous diaper game.)

10/15/11 Weekend

And a few photos from this week, which was packed full of work seminars, Halloween costume shopping, more fall decorating and a Pat Green concert that was truly AMAZING (as they always are).

Week in Photos

Again, so sorry for being away for so long! I promise next week won't be nearly as crazy. (Or at least I really, really hope it isn't.) Have a great weekend!

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Brianne said...

that dirty diaper comment makes me want to quote mason -- "diaper change!" (i can just hear him.) haha..