July 12, 2012

A Little Announcement

It's a Girl!
Jon and I are thrilled to let everyone in on a little secret we've been keeping since March: We're having a baby!! (And it's a girl!)

We are so, so excited to finally share the news! I'm 21 weeks now and due right around Thanksgiving. We found out the gender on Jon's birthday in early July, and we're both so happy to be having a little girl. (I've already started buying little girl clothes and they are the cutest.)

Needless to say, it's been really hard to keep the secret for this long, but now that the cat's out of the bag, I can't wait to start talking babies with all of you!

Cheers to becoming a mommy! (I hear it's fantastic.)  :)


Heather, 29 Skirts said...

Awww, congratulations!! Glad to see things are going great for you ;) Yay, a little girl!

[Good Mum Hunting] said...


Having a baby girl is the best thing ever. The clothes, the shoes, the everything!

Hope the rest of the pregnancy treats you well.


April Chandler said...

Oh my gosh!!! Congratulations!!! That's so exciting!! Do happy for you guys!