July 23, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 22

22 Weeks
We snapped this photo right before we packed up to head home from the lake. I feel kind of funny wearing a bikini these days. I always wonder if people can tell there's a baby in there - or if they just think I've had one too many hot dogs. ;) Below are a few fun details from week 22:

Wearing: Mostly shorts (stretchy denim is the best!) + tank tops 
Eating: Ice cream! So much ice cream! (Root beer floats have never tasted so good.)
Feeling: Baby girl's pokes and kicks, occasional leg cramps
Loving: My new body pillow (makes side sleeping so much more comfy)
Worried About: Parenting (what kind of parent I'll be, how me and Jon's parenting styles will mesh)
Excited About: Baby clothes that look like grown up clothes - only miniature!


Janice MacLeod said...

My sister said that she read all these parenting books when she was preggers and now she wishes she'd read fluff and magazines. The parenting is largely instinctual and the books become reference books for AFTER the kid pops out. Lay on that beach with a sexy romance novel and forget about worrying about parenting. You'll be fine because you're already fine.

Charisse said...

That is truly great advice, Janice! (I've been looking for an excuse to jump into 50 Shades of Grey and I think you just gave it to me.) ;)

Katie Solan said...

Rissy, you look so good ... congrats!