August 29, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 27

27 Weeks
27 weeks, baby! We're getting close! (And mah belly is gettin' BIG!) A quick update below...

Wearing: Stretchy striped dresses - still (See above)
Eating: Sweets - sooooo many sweets - this pregnancy has really amped up my sweet tooth
Feeling: Stuffy (I've never blown my nose so much in my life) and achy (my back still kills me)
Loving: Back massages (Thanks to my amazing boyfriend for these!)
Worried About: Baby names (We still can't find one we both love - Eeeek!)
Excited About: Baby girl's room - It's coming together, and I LOVE it

Forgive me for the grainy photo - we snapped this one late in the afternoon when good light was hard to find.


Anonymous said...

What about Pearl?

What about Edith? Call her Edie. Like Brickell or Sedgwick.

What about Amelia?

What about Pixie? Gretel? Nova? Wren? Bijou?

What about a character's name from a favorite book? What about a member in a favorite band? What about a family name? What about your maiden name? What about your moms names?

Take care. Hoping this finds you well.

To The Stars said...

I just spent longer than I would like to admit creepily stalking all your past blog posts and have come to one conclusion. I need you as a personal stylist and just might copycat all of your pregnancy outfits when and if I let my husband convince me into "trying for a boy" one more time.