October 10, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 32 & 33

32 & 33 Weeks
Time is flying by, isn't it?? My 32nd and 33rd week came and went and now we're on to number 34. Eeek! Below is a little update on what's been happening around these parts lately...

Wearing: Really, really uncomfortable pants. We've had some chilly weather lately so the trusty pair of shorts I wore all summer had to be retired in place of maternity pants, which I thought were awesome at first until they fell down every. two. seconds. Oh the days when I wasn't pulling my pants up constantly - I really can't wait for those again.
Eating: More like drinking! I'm thirsty all the time these days and drinking water, milk, juice and lemonade like it's going out of style. I'll drink three huge glasses all at once and then be so miserably full, but I can't help it - it's so good!
Feeling: Out of breath. Fat. Clumsy. Did I mention out of breath?
Loving: The fact that we almost have every single thing we need for baby girl's arrival! The only outstanding item on my list is a diaper bag (which I'm being pretty picky about). Oh, and I should also add foot massages from my sweet husband. They are divine.
Worried About: Labor. Sorry, I have to say it again. I'm trying not to be, but I am. The closer it gets, the more scared I get. Part of it is the not knowing - When's it going to happen? How's it going to happen? Will it go fast? Will it go slow? I need a plan, people! I'm a planner!
Excited About: Dressing this little lady. Her clothes are all washed, folded, sorted by size and waiting in her closet, and I can't wait to put her in them! Sometimes I sit in her closet and put outfits together. It's like playing Barbies, but real. ;)

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Hannah Andrews said...

Loving you updates! So sweet! And congratulations!
About being afraid and not know what to expect and how to plan. Plan on relaxing. Start practing now. Put aside time each day replacing those fears with positive thought of sweet baby and how strong God made you and actually created your body to do this awesome job! It's hard, I can't lie. But you can do it! and it's is actually easier if you are not afraid and trust in the Lord. :) Sorry if that was unwanted advice but I just had to share :)