November 14, 2012

This one's for Jon

I heart this guy.
For teaching me how to swaddle a stuffed lamb.
For massaging my feet.
For going along with all of my crazy home improvement projects.
For staying in when he really wanted to go out (but I didn't).
For rubbing my back really, really hard.
For putting up with all of my lists.
For not drinking (because I couldn't).
For making ridiculously funny videos out of 3D ultrasound pictures.
For buying me "pregnancy preparedness" kits every three months.
For forgetting those embarrassing pregnancy things he should've never seen.
For giving me most of the bed.
For not judging the second bowl of ice cream. Or the 5th cookie.
For pretending not to notice that I wasn't wearing make-up.
For always trying to help.
For being patient with my neurotic planning.
For letting me pick the movie. And the restaurant. And the paint colors.
For always being positive and encouraging (even though it sometimes drives me nuts).

For everything.

I couldn't have done this without you, Jon. All my love. Always.