February 13, 2013

Two Month Check Up

Two Month Check Up Two Month Check Up
Wren had her two-month check up a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to share a few photos from the day. We dressed her up all cute (it's not every day we leave the house for something as exciting as a doctor's appointment!), and were so sad that as soon as we checked in, we were told to strip her down to her diaper. (She didn't mind - this girl loves to be naked.)

The doctor joined us in the exam room after the initial weigh in (12lbs 9oz!) to look Wren over and answer any questions we had (I had A LOT). Then the nurse practitioner came in with the shots. She gave two in one leg and one in the other, and even though Wren cried during the shots, she calmed down almost immediately when the nurse was done and handed her back to me. (I surprisingly didn't shed a single tear.) I couldn't get over how sweet her chubby little legs looked with those band-aids. I left them on until the next day just because I thought they were so cute. :)

All in all, everything looked great, and the dreaded two-month shots weren't as bad as we thought they'd be. This girl is one tough (and adorable) little cookie!

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