June 26, 2013

Pocahontas State Park

Pocahontas State Park Pocahontas State Park Pocahontas State Park
I have this weird obsession with visiting every single swimming pool/lake/hole in the area. Maybe I'm just happy it's summer. Maybe it's this ridiculous heat. Either way, it's fun! :) Last weekend we checked out The Aquatic Center at Pocahontas State Park (on my summer list). The day was hot, the water was cold, and we got in the car minutes before a torrential downpour soaked everything. Then we headed home for naps, pizza and True Blood (we're catching up on last season before we watch the new one). All in all, a nice little Saturday.

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Kim Young said...

Is there any day lately that doesn't end with a torrential downpour? We are going to try to brave the water park today. Wish us luck! I'm a fellow RVA blogger visiting from knockitoffcrafts.blogspot.com. Pleased to meet you!