November 17, 2013

Wren Winter: 11 months old

Wren Winter: 11 months Wren Winter: 11 months
My little Wren bird, your 11th month was a big month for you! You perfected your crawling, and starting speeding around the house on all fours, you learned how to play peek-a-boo (which is the cutest thing ever!) and you learned how to pick up food and put it in your mouth!

Daddy is the one who taught you how to pick up your own food. We had been trying for weeks, putting food on your tray for you to eat but you never wanted to pick it up - you'd just brush it off onto the floor. Then one day, Daddy tried putting just one piece of food at a time in front of you and showing you how to pick it up and put it in your mouth, and you caught on right away! We clapped and cheered, and you looked so proud putting your puffs into your mouth one by one. When you were done eating, we took you to the park and you decided to practice some more by putting a handful of bark into your mouth - haha! You probably wondered why we didn't clap and cheer for that. ;)

Another new thing you started during your 11th month is dancing to music. We noticed it when we were riding in the car and you were in your car seat. When a song came on that you liked, you would bob your head to the music. Then you started doing it anytime you heard music - in the grocery store, on a TV commercial. I caught it on video here. SO CUTE!

You are still such a good sleeper and sleep from around 8pm to 8am every night. I have tried to get you hooked on a "lovey" by putting different teddy bears, sock monkeys, etc into bed with you at night and showing you how to snuggle them, but you have no interest in it. The second that I leave the room, you grab the bear by the arm, stand up on your tippy toes and toss it out of the crib. Oh well, I tried. ;)

A few other highlights from the month: You started standing by yourself for short periods of time (with your arms down, neck out, and a giant smile on your face). You learned how to do a duck face (kissy face) on command. You loved putting your hands above your head for no real reason (raising the roof, maybe?). You started laying down on your belly in the bathtub and kicking your legs like a little fish. Daddy helped you overcome your fear of the swings at the playground. We took you to an apple orchard and let you play in the pumpkins. You got your first pair of Freshly Picked moccs (a milestone in every baby's life, right??). You got to celebrate your big sister's 7th birthday with her at the North Carolina Zoo. You continued to be a fantastic eater - zucchini bread, bananas, apple sauce and mashed potatoes are some of your favorites. Your personality continued to show more and more this month - you are silly and sweet most of the time, but get very stubborn and short tempered when you're sleepy.

Oh baby bird, we love you SO much, no matter your mood! Happy 11 month birthday - May all your days be happy ones!

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