February 28, 2015

Naming Our Elle Evergreen

Elle's Name Inspiration
Below are a few words about the inspiration behind little miss Elle Evergreen's name if you'd like to know how we chose it -

Elle: I had heard the name Elle a couple times over the past two years since having Wren, and I had added it to the ongoing list of baby names I keep in my phone. It took Jon and I forever to decide on Wren's name so I wanted to be prepared with some favorites in advance for our second baby. When I found out I was pregnant, I told Jon that I already had my favorite name picked out. He liked Elle but wanted to consider some other names, so we started a little list and added to it/subtracted from it until I was around six months pregnant. No matter what names we put on the list, we kept coming back to Elle. We liked the sound of it (such a pretty word) and felt that it was classic yet not common and very feminine. When talking names one day (for the millionth time), I again said how much I loved the name and Jon agreed that he loved it, too. I tentatively asked if that meant we had a name and Jon said yes. Exciting!

Evergreen: The middle name was a bit trickier for us. After deciding on Elle as the first name, we thought a middle name that started with a vowel would sound best. We also wanted it to be a nature-inspired name since Wren's first and middle names are both nature-inspired. We started a new list of middle names, but nothing sounded just right. One day we were in the car listening to Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud (a song we both love) and the line "Your soul could never grow old; It's evergreen" stuck out to Jon and he suggested Evergreen as a middle name. I thought it was very interesting and loved the meaning of it. It came down to Evergreen and one other name in the running at the end, and I recited those names in my head all the time, trying to make a final decision, but the more I said Elle and Evergreen together, the more I loved it. We decided to make it official just a few weeks before our induction when we went to tour the hospital and fill out paperwork. We wrote the name on her birth certificate paperwork and then laughed with excitement - we had a name!

Also, a fun little side note - when Jon made the playlist for our hospital stay, he put Ed Sheeran's album on it. We joked at the time that it would be funny if she was born to the song that her name came from, and I told Jon that I had no idea what music was playing when Wren was born because I was so into the moment. Then, on delivery day, as I was nearing the end of pushing, the song came on! The only reason we realized it was playing was because my doctor said "Oh, I love this song!" and then Jon and I both looked at each other and said "No way!!" So Elle Evergreen did indeed end up coming into the world to the song that her middle name came from - how perfect is that? :)

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