April 13, 2015

Elle Evergreen: 2 months old

Elle Evergreen: 2 months
Little Elle - you are two months old today! I wish I could say I can't believe it's been two months, but unfortunately, it feels a lot longer than that. The past month has been rough! If I could sum up your second month in one sentence, it would be - You did a whole lot of crying. Check out this photo for a visual of what the past month has looked like. ;)

We're not exactly sure what made you so upset this month. We tried holding you more, holding you less, feeding you more, feeding you less, burping you more, bouncing you more, rocking you instead of bouncing you, swaddling you tighter, but nothing seemed to help. 

When you are not eating or sleeping, you have about ten minutes of happiness a day - it's usually the few minutes right after each of your feedings. In those few minutes, you are so cute! You smile and gurgle and throw your little fists around and streeeeetch your legs out as long as they'll go, and we love to watch you.

Outside of those few minutes of happiness during the day, you are kind of a grump. You are not able to be awake and relaxed and just take in the world around you. Instead, you get worked up and fussy very quickly, which leads to crying (and goodness, you have a loud cry, girl!). We are hopeful that your grumpiness will fade as you grow into your little body. You have gotten a bit better over the past week so maybe your third month will be all smiles and coos. I sure hope so! (The internet says newborn crying peaks around 6 weeks, and it does seem like that was true for you so it can only get better from here, right??)

Other highlights from your second month:

You decided that you absolutely hate the pacifier and don't want anything to do with it, but you still like to be swaddled tight to keep your hands under control and you've fallen in love with your bouncy chair (but only when someone is actively bouncing it for you - the minute they stop, you scream!). Unfortunately for mommy and daddy, you do not love your Mamaroo swing that would happily bounce you on its own for hours. ;) 

Your hair took on a life of its own - it's crazy! It sticks straight up all over your head and will not lay down no matter what we do to it. It's also very, very soft, and I love to brush my cheeks against it. 

You celebrated your first Easter. You had no idea what was going on, but we had fun filling your basket with a new swaddle blanket, some wooden toys and teethers and your first teddy bear. (And I couldn't resist putting you in your Easter basket - you fit perfectly!)

You got to meet your biggest sister, Rowan. She came to stay with us for a long weekend, and she thought you were pretty neat. 

Your other big sister continues to love you just as much as ever. Wren still loves to touch your ears and your feet and hold your hands (and she'd love to touch your eyeballs if we'd let her). She has started saying "baby sittsa so cute" all the time, which is the cutest. When you cry, she likes to yell at you "no mo cwyyying, baby sittsa!!" :)

We started sleep training towards the end of your second month. You were averaging four hour stretches of sleep at night so one night, I decided not to feed you when you woke up to see what you would do - and miraculously, you went back to sleep! Since that night, we've put you to bed around 9pm after your last feeding of the day, and I set my alarm to feed you at 6am the next morning. If you wake up in between those hours, we let you self soothe back to sleep, and it's been working great so far. (Hooray for 8 hours of continuous sleep!) We also transitioned you from sleeping in the bed with us to sleeping in your Snug Bunny Rock 'n Play next to the bed, and you love it.

You racked up quite a few nicknames this month, including Elle Belle, Elly Belly, Elly Bean and Smelly Elly. I also like to call you my nugget or "nug" for short, since you are a tiny little nugget.

We pulled out Wren's old bath seat and now you love bath time! We put you in with Wren and you happily sit on your little seat and kick your legs while you watch your crazy big sister play with her bath toys. It's now one of my favorite times of the day, since I love seeing you relaxed and happy.

Oh Elle, I'm so looking forward to your third month and hopefully, happier days. I can't wait for more smiles and more snuggles and hopefully a laugh or two! Your dad, sisters and I love you so much. Happy two month birthday, and may all your days be happy ones!

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