July 30, 2016

Elle Evergreen: 10 & 11 months old

Elly belly! Your tenth and eleventh months were so fun and festive with the holidays in full swing. Here are some highlights:

Elle Evergreen: 10 months

At ten months old, you were standing up all the time (but still holding onto things for support). You learned how to shake your head "no." You also started

When you got upset and started to cry, you started screaming these loud screams, like a Pterodactyl! We got you a sleep sack around this time because it started to get cold at night, and you loved it! Even today (at almost 18 months old), you can't sleep unless you're zipped up in your sleep sack.

You continued to make fart noises with your mouth by sticking your tongue out and blowing. You loved to do it when you were riding in your car seat, which meant many times you were completely covered in spit by the time we got to where we were going.

Elle Evergreen: 11 months

At eleven months, you continued to LOVE solid food. In fact, when Wren was eating in her chair and you weren't, you would crawl over to Wren's chair, pull yourself up on it and try to steal her food off of her tray! You loved eggs (scrambled, fried or boiled), bananas, crackers, black beans, cheese, apple sauce, yogurt and oatmeal. You didn't love meat, but would sometimes eat it if it was the only option, and you didn't love a variety of fruits - not even strawberries, even though we kept (and keep) trying to get you to like them.

You loved bath time at eleven months, and you were really crazy in the bath! I couldn't take my eyes off of you. You would try to crawl, stand, and even swim! It was super nerve wracking making sure you didn't slip and go under!

You celebrated your first Christmas at eleven months, and you loved it. Your favorite toy was probably the ride-on cow toy. Your legs were too short to ride on it at first, but you used it as a walker to walk all over the house, which you loved!

Then we rang in 2016 with a bunch of silly family pictures, which you seemed a little confused about. What can I say, we love a good photo booth!

You loved walking anywhere with assistance at this stage. You even loved pushing Wren in her wagon.

We had a crazy snow storm during your eleventh month, and we were stuck inside the house for days! Daddy had to shovel a mountain of snow off our driveway, and we took you out to see if you liked it - NOPE! ;)

You were just so cute and so pretty at this age, like a little baby doll! It's so much fun watching you grow!

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