January 28, 2017

Wren turns FOUR!

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Wren turned 4 in November, and we had a super fun day celebrating her. She woke up to balloons and confetti and a birthday donut breakfast, and I made her a special shirt that said "FOUR" on it to wear to school. She even had some new, fun birthday jewelry to wear.

At school, it was Thanksgiving lunch day, so the parents were invited to eat with the kids. Jon and I got to eat with her and Elle in Wren's classroom, which was super fun - kind of like a birthday lunch!

After school, we went to dinner at her favorite restaurant, the BBQ place. Then we came home to open presents and eat her giant sprinkle cake. She wanted a pink cake with sprinkles on it - this one had so many sprinkles you couldn't even tell what color the cake was!

For her presents, she got a new baby doll and lots of baby clothes, a baby stroller, a princess dress and an electric toothbrush that plays music.

We always love celebrating our Wren bird! :)

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