January 28, 2017

Wren Winter: 4 Years Old

Wren Winter: 3 1/2 Years Old
Wren Winter: 3 1/2 Years Old
Wren Winter: 3 1/2 Years Old
Wren Winter: 3 1/2 Years Old
Wren Winter: 3 1/2 Years Old
Wren Winter: 3 1/2 Years Old
Wren Winter: 3 1/2 Years Old
Wren Winter: 4 Years Old

Wren is 4 years old now, and she is just the coolest, sweetest, kindest, funniest little girl in the world! She is literally so cute that I want to eat her! :)

Her favorite things right now are:

All things Frozen + Princesses - She loves the movie Frozen and knows all the words to the songs. She loves dressing up like a princess in her many play dresses and princess shoes. One of her dresses plays a song, and she plays it over and over and over again.

Playing Babies + Family - She dresses up her baby dolls and takes them to school and to dance class. She pushes them in the stroller and gets them comfy on the couch to take naps. She comes up with really crazy names for her babies, like "Ananina" or "Dametaticus" - crazy! When I tell her they are crazy names, she asks what should their name be, and I'll suggest something like "Scarlett" or "Elizabeth" and she says "Oh, that's a nice name."

Art + Coloring + Crafts - She loves any kind of project and starts most days off sitting at her little table coloring in her frozen coloring book. Sometimes me and her color together at night before bed, which I really love.

Dancing to Music - She likes to dance to music and have us watch her "tricks," which usually consist of jumps, leg raises or twirls. She started dance class this year - ballet and tap - and she loves going. We got to watch her dance last week, and she is one of the best in the class! She totally knows the moves and can follow the teacher - I was so proud of her!

School - She still continues to enjoy school and is learning so much! She can now spell AND write her first name. She can count to 20. She can recognize most letters in the alphabet, and she can memorize song lyrics like it's her job.

Bossing her Sister Around - Wren and Elle pretty much fight constantly. They have some moments of getting along and playing nicely everyday, but those moments are far outnumbered by the moments when they are fighting, screaming and playing tug of war over a toy. Jon and I are constantly the referees. We have to remind Wren all the time not to tell Elle no or correct her because she's not her mom. I do hope that as they grow, they start to get along better.

Helping Mom and Dad - Wren is such a great helper. She likes to help in the kitchen, getting dinner ready, washing grapes or baking desserts. She likes to help with any kind of project we have, from cleaning the garage to framing pictures. She likes to help me fold clothes - I give her all the hand towels and wash cloths. She really likes to mop the floor with our Swiffer, but last time I caught her spraying the water all over the rug. ;) As a side note to this one, Wren has incredibly good manners. She always says "please" and "thank you" and asks others to do the same. She corrects people when they are chewing with their mouth open. She asks that you not "snatch" things out of her hands. She is just very well mannered. We really have to credit her school and amazing teachers with instilling these manners, because most of the time, she is correct Jon and I for not doing the polite thing - HA! Her dance teacher told me the other night that she is just so polite and has the best manners. We are so proud of her!

Doing Big Girl Things - She loves brushing her teeth all by herself with her singing electric toothbrush. She likes peeling her own oranges, cutting up her fruit and picking out her PJs every night. She also knows how to strap her self into her car seat, which is a huge help to Mom and Dad.

Being "Out and About" - Wren loves to be out of the house, whether it's going out to eat or walking around the outdoor mall. She always says she wants to be out and about. She would eat dinner out every night if we said ok. (And speaking of food, she is still an amazing eater and eats just about anything. She will always pick cupcakes over broccoli, but she will eat her broccoli and anything else if you ask her to.) She likes to be busy and prefers to run errands all day to staying home and playing. She loves playing at the outdoor mall and riding the train.

Singing - She likes to make up songs and sing them really loud around the house. She also likes to sing her songs over the radio songs if we're driving in the car. She has a horrible singing voice, and Jon always says we should put her in singing lessons - ha!

Her Blanket - Even though she is now in the stage where she fights every nap and bedtime, Wren is still a great sleeper and she sleeps between 10 and 12 hours a night + naps for 2 hours every day. She still sleeps with the yellow blanket that she's had since she was a baby. She falls asleep "chewing" on it - which is more like pressing it against her lips, right under her nose and making a sucking movement with her lips. Both of our girls do this to fall asleep, and we did not train them to! Such a funny thing that they both have in common.

Watching Movies/TV - We still don't let the girls watch TV or movies on a regular basis, but we have started letting them have a movie night every once in a while. Wren LOVES this. She loves movies and TV (maybe because she doesn't get them very often? or maybe all kids just do). It's a fun treat for her.

Asking Why - She asks "why?" A LOT! Sometimes I have to tell her to just stop asking why because it will go on for hours - or sometimes because I have no answer - or sometimes because the answer is "because I said so!" :)

Giving Love - Wren is a serious love bug, and she is always giving and asking for hugs and kisses and telling us she loves us. Randomly throughout each day, she says she loves us and she'll go through the list of her whole family and say she loves them. At night, she asks for multiple big hugs and kisses before bed. Although she gets in yelling matches with her sister, she would never purposely hurt Elle, even when Elle hurts her. She is very kind and sweet.

Her Family - She loves hanging out with her family and visiting family far away. She loves her Gigi and Didi and Pops and Rowan and every time they visit, she says she wants them to stay forever.

Following the Rules - Wren is a rule-follower, for sure.  She listens so well, takes direction, rarely ever has to get corrected twice and really makes life so easy on Jon and I. She is considerate and kind and cautious. I think her desire to do the right thing makes her nervous in new situations, which I think is totally ok. Her teachers are always telling us that she is so good and they never have to correct her. We are so proud of what an attentive, obedient little girl she is!

She really is a joy to be around every day, and I'm so lucky to be her momma!

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