March 7, 2008

The welcome wagon

I’ve been journaling since I was 12 when my great aunt gave me a journal for Christmas. Suddenly, all the angst and passion bottled up in my 12-year-old body had a clean, unbiased surface to explode onto, and I had a new hobby.

Since then, I’ve filled up countless journals with my thoughts on everything from parents and family to friendships and loves. They line the shelves of my bookcases now, their worn, ratty pages reminding me how much of my uncensored self fills their pages.

But in this electronic age where we make friends by sending email requests and share our lives through online photo albums, it seems my ripped and wrinkled paper journals are becoming a thing of the past. And while I love them and won’t ever abandon them completely, I’ve decided to jump on the blog bandwagon with a blog that’s not dedicated to sports or cooking or dog breeding, but to my very own thoughts and feelings, however unimpressive and exceedingly one-sided they might be.

It’ll be my own little corner of the web, complete with mundane musings on life and love and health and beauty and wisdom and worry. And who knows, maybe every once in a while something grand or artistic or just plain fabulous will come out of it!

In hopes of that, I invite you to visit regularly and read until your eyes grow heavy or your stomach rumbles and you have to leave in search of a snack! Welcome one and all! I hope you enjoy yourselves!


Mr. Kale Iverson said...

Well, I'm a huge interenet dork now on account of living in the middle of no where with no friends and I'm pumped I have another cool blog to keep up on.

Blogging is soooo much easier than journaling sometimes. I'm a way faster typer too. I have all kinds of cool stuff that I can show you how to do on your blog, if you ever need any help just ask!

breakfast in canada said...

Ok, here I go again......I don't even remember what I wrote before. Something about I too love writing in journals, and something else about me losing a few over the years. I think my final thought was thanks for inspiring me or renewing something in me.....

(My last comment was way better.)