March 19, 2008

Working nine to five

I remember when having a ‘real’ job seemed real fun. I also remember being extremely excited about shopping for my mandatory business casual wardrobe. Heck, I even remember when the idea of decorating my cubicle thrilled me.

I’ve since changed my mind and now spend my days wishing for a world without cube walls, grey slacks and Microsoft Outlook — a world where everyday was a casual Friday, meeting requests were replaced by party invitations, and happy hour started at noon.

Today, as I sat at my desk, I became inspired by this dream world and decided to get out and enjoy some of the day. I grabbed my sandwich, my book and a bottle of water and drove to a park a couple blocks away from my office.

When I got there, I headed straight for the pond with the ducks. I found a nice spot on the furry, green grass and plopped myself down in the sun. After a few minutes of sitting up like a proper human being, eating my sandwich, I couldn’t resist it anymore. I lay down on my belly, stretched my legs out behind me and enjoyed the feel of the warm sun on my back.

I stayed like that for an hour, reading and watching the occasional woman walk by with a baby stroller. And when my hour was up, I went back to my cube happy and, I think, a little healthier than I left it.

As I type this, I can see a piece of grass still stuck to my grey slacks. It makes me smile.

I could brush it off. But I don’t think I will. I think I’ll leave it there as a little reminder that although corporate America may have dibs on me for 8 hours a day, the other 16 hours are mine for sun-soaking, page-turning, sandwich-eating and anything else my little heart desires.


breakfast in canada said...

An hour for lunch!!! That's unheard of in my neck of the woods!

I think it is cruel to keep people locked up under florescent lighting for 8 hours a day.

Speaking of which...

Anonymous said...

you inspire me.

i'm glad you're mi hermana.