April 22, 2008

Lovey dovey

I’m sick today. My throat hurts. My eyes itch. And my body aches. All I want is a bowl of soup, a blanket, a comfy seat on a couch and somebody to take care of me. But since I can’t have any of those things right now, I figured I’d focus on something positive, like the things I love right now. I like doing journal entries like this because they’re always fun to look back on, and since this blog is my new electronic journal, here goes nothing:

Things I love right now...

Egg salad sandwiches
Dried bananas
IM conversations
Weekend get-a-ways
New books
Taylor Swift
Pineapple juice
Cowboy boots
Beach days
Purple nail polish
Blog comments
Bike baskets
American Idol
Santa Monica
Walking instead of driving
Running partners
Olive bars
New recipes
My replacement gold sandals
Summer plans
Fast food hamburgers

What do you guys love right now?


yx said...

Laying out at the beach
Buying shoes

If I could do these two things for the rest of my life and nothing else, I'd be happier than words can express.

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

Egg salad sandwiches- On sourdough is the best
Dried bananas- a trailmix necessity
IM conversations- I'm a skyper, lifeblood to my friends/family
Weekend get-a-ways-or summer ones too
New books- when they grab ahold of you
Cowboy boots- the more dead animals on them the better
Beach days- don't rub it in
Blog comments- you're gettin a whopper right now
Bike baskets- only if they hold a cooler!
American Idol- my tv doesn't get fox arrrg!
Walking instead of driving- walking instead of snowmachine ing
Running partners- fishing partners
Olive bars- any bars at this moment
My replacement gold sandals- my fur lined crocs and new crocs loafers
Summer plans- keep me from going insane
Fast food hamburgers- must include bacon and ranch for the fries

I was sick today too.
What I'm loving...

Rubber boots
Reindeer Stew
Neil Young's "Prairie Wind" album
Nag Champa Incense
My white sunglasses
Capture the Flag in PE class

Have a good week Reese!

alisha said...

I was sick today too!

What I'm loving...

chocolate peanut butter ice cream
opening the windows
spiderplants with babies
online radio...KLUC las vegas
summer plans
good friends
ducks out the window
rubber boots
16 hours of daylight
vivid dreams
black pants
good books
temps above freezing
3 weeks of school left
planning trips
getting mail
my new kuspeq
grading papers with purple pen (not red)
the smell of clean sheets
hot baths
thoughts of summer

what i'm not loving...the tartar sauce that made me sick

Anonymous said...

my hearts ...

-spicy crawfish
-vacation anticipation (stagecoach!)
-kashi go lean honey almond flax cereal
-super pastel pink toenail polish
-starbucks petite vanilla scones

and you!