April 7, 2008

Monday wish it was Sunday

1 late night sing-along +
1 bloody mary +
10 green olives stuffed with blue cheese +
1 trip to Cabo Cantina +
3 strawberry margaritas and some nachos +
2 final four basketball games +
2 bike rides +
1 trip to Hooters +
1 plate of fried pickles +
1 30-minute run +
1 year and a half anniversary +
1 margarita, corona and tequila party +
3 coronas +
1 trip to Buzby’s +
2 songs on the dance floor +
1 vodka red bull +
1 $20 cab ride +
3 dogs +
12 homemade blueberry muffins +
4 hours of shopping +
1 new pair of jeans +
1 pink polo +
2 hours of Into the Wild +
1 steak dinner at the Outback +
1 tall, decaf, extra hot cinnamon dolce latte for dessert =

One really fun weekend with way too little sleep.

(And by the way, Into the Wild is one pretty amazing movie. I watched it last night and kept waking up thinking about it. Even today, it's still heavy on my mind, so I decided to add some music from the soundtrack to my music player. Hope you all like it.)


Anonymous said...

since I think this weekend was the best weekend I've ever had in houston, i want to play too!....

+ 1.5 lbs of crawfish
+ 2 coca-colas
+ t-shirt tan
+ deck bar
+ tons of sunshine
+ nonfat iced french vanilla latte
+ last-minute "going out" shopping trip
+ plate of fajita nachos eaten rink side
+ 3 hours at velvet melvin
+ 3 pitchers of beer
+ 2 unknown shots
+ 3 new boys
+ south african/french surfer
+ journey sing-a-long
+ bar-side dance
+ five million compliments
+ phone number giveaway
+ 3am phone call
+ excited sunday morning
+ patio brunch
+ old friend
+ one happy text
+ glass of chardonnay
+ bagpipe band
+ irish pub
+ draft miller lite
+ loads of warm fuzzies


alisha said...

I wish my list could include some of the things on yours...like going out to ANY establishment that serves "beverages", plays music, and has a dance floor. I miss that kind of socialization in my life.

I continue to love your blog. It's alot of fun!

EmLA08 said...

I saw Into the Wild in the theatre and cried my eyes out. I really identified with it. The part with the old man killed me. Eddie Vedder is playing this Saturday and Sunday at the Wiltern. Solo I think he's doing these songs. I want to go soooooooooooooo bad. Looks like it's sold out.

breakfast in canada said...

As much as I'm amazed at everything you do in one weekend, I'm just as amazed that you can remember everything you do in one weekend.

Reese-E said...

Hahahaha! That comment cracked me up!