April 30, 2008

Sorry to burst your bubble

But CSI: Miami is not filmed in Miami.

It’s filmed in Los Angeles, and right now, it’s being filmed right next door to my office. I was just outside watching everyone, and even though I don’t watch the show and have no idea who the actors are, I’m completely star struck right now.

There’s just something about all the cameras and the extras and the make-up people and the guy with the megaphone yelling “ACTION!” that makes me excited.

They have Miami Florida police cars and two giant hummers that say Crime Scene Investigation on the side of them. The scene they’re filming today is a drive-by shooting scene where some policemen are escorting a guy out a building (maybe a courthouse?) and the guy gets shot. If you happen to catch it, you’ll get to see where I work!

Very cool day, indeed.

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yx said...

I know what you mean! No Doubt recorded a music video around the corner from my house! It's the one where they're supposed to be in Jamaica and it's featuring Buju Banton. I didn't see anyone famous :( but I did love the excitement and the big gigantic bus!