April 30, 2008

2 days...

Only two days left until I load up and drive out into the desert! I’ve got my clothes packed, a brand new bright pink sleeping bag, and the perfect mix CD. Now all I need is Friday!

Today’s Stagecoach artist is a great one, and the song will really get ya moving. Don’t hold back. Pump those fists in the air, shake those hips and get down with your bad selves! Enjoy!

Stagecoach artist #2: Gretchen Wilson

Well, I’m an eight-ball shootin’, double-fisted drinkin’ son of a gun
I wear my jeans a little tight just to watch the little boys come undone
I’m here for the beer and the ball bustin’ band
Gonna get a little crazy just because I can.

You know I’m here for the party
And I ain’t leavin’ till they throw me out
Gonna have a little fun
Gonna get me some
You know I’m here, I’m here for the party.

I may not be a ten but the boys say I clean up good
And if I gave ‘em half a chance for some rowdy romance
You know they would
I’ve been waiting all week just to have a good time
So bring on them cowboys and them pick-up lines!

(repeat chorus)

Don’t want no purple hooter shooter
Just some Jack on the rocks
Don’t mind me if I start that trashy talk

(repeat chorus)

1 comment:

yx said...

"gonna get me some" LOVE IT!!!